Caps for Sale…

The Mad Hattery Hat Display- bret

The Mad Hattery is downsizing their main store Mieville location and having a store wide clearance sale until Friday, July 5, 2013. All hats are reduced to 50%+ off and a gatcha machine has been added with new designs for 5L each. Saraid Dalglish has created some of the most whimsical hat designs in SL. The variety of hats, styles and themes are endless, and it is truly a shame to see Saraid have to downsize her store to only 75 hats. My friends, the hat lovers, Niki & Bret are helping me out today modeling some of the hats they purchased at the sale. Remember that after Friday the store will close and almost 60% of the inventory will be gone, so if you love hats, get over to The Mad Hattery and grab some at a great value.

The Mad Hattery Hat Display- Niki

The Mad Hattery had a Mad Hatter’s Ball on Wednesday night and Bret participated in the stack hats contest. Here is his verison of summer fun, four hats: Aquatic Life, Under the Big Top, Deli, & Movie Night.

Stack Hats

On Bret: (clockwise)

  • Santa Fe Cowboy
  • Titled Grungy Hat (Gatcha machine 5L)
  • Mad Hatter’s Deli
  • Aquatic Life
  • Movie Night
  • Indiana Jones

On Niki: (clockwise)

  • Gothic Pillbox
  • Jimmy Buffet
  • Victorian Romance
  • Midnight Blue Lily
  • Classic Wonderland
  • Touch on Miami

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on it’s way!

Gloria CostumeTwo Moon Paradise hosted the weekly theme costume contest, Best in Easter this evening in the new Butterfly Garden. Pastels, flowers and garden insects floated above as we danced our bunny tails off to the music DJ by Jaymes Capalini and choreographed by Kellie McMinnar of Funky Feats Dance Group.  I saw giant E-Bunnies, spring fling chicks, traditional Sunday best garb and cracked eggs.  Congrats to the big winners of the night, Azura, Kevin & LouLou.


This weekend Two Moon is celebrating Easter with a line-up of great music and free butterfly wings at the Butterfly Garden venue on Saturday & Sunday.  The Butterfly Garden has Easter rides, interactive fairytale story books and fun, colorful spots to soak up Springtime!

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Mardi Gras Mania

Next Tuesday, February 12, 2013 is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.  Mardi Gras is the biggest party in New Orealans, LA USA where parades and parties abound with heavy drinking, beads and floats traveling down Bourbon Street.  The colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green & gold with feathers, beads and carnival clothes are traditional costume apparel.  I am attending a Mardi Gras party and wanted to highlight a few hunt items that you can get for your Fat Tuesday fun! The hunts are Bourbon Street 3 (2L for each item) and Boobs for Beads (1L for each item).  Most hunt items have male gifts as well.

Full shot-Kastle Rock Costume, shoenique heels

Mardi Gras-Loordes of London & Element Necklace   Mardi Gras-shoenique heels

Mardi Gras-Vivid Avs skin & Ali & ALi hair

Style Card:

Mardi Gras, the nut costume

Mardi Gras, the nut headpiece

Style Card:

  • Nuts, Inc party dress, shoes and head piece, Bourbon Street 
  • Element Necklace & Ring, Bourbon Street and Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Jinn Hair in Green
  • Pose Vanity: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

The nut boobs for beads costume outfit

Style Card:

  • Nuts, Inc pants outfit, shoes, legwarmers, beads, mask & head piece, Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Sally Hair in Green
  • Pose Sloth: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Raynzone Mardi Gras party dress

Image Factory Mardi Gras

Isis Bourbon Toe ShoesIsis Boobs for Beads toe shoes

Style Card:

  • Raynzone party dress & mask, Bourbon Street 
  • Element Necklace & Ring, Bourbon Street and Boobs for Beads 
  • Nuts, Inc bracelets, Boobs for Beads 
  • Isis Gold Toe Shoes with argyle legwarmers, Bourbon Street 
  • Isis Yellow Toe Shoes with heels, Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Marilyn Hair in Raspberry
  • Pose Wrath: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Vero Modero Green Mari Gras, fullVero Modero Green Mardi Gras, close-upStyle Card:

  • Vero Modero Mardi Gras Group Gift in Green (also available in Purple & Red), free
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Elle Hair in Strawberry Blonde

And, finally for a day wear look.

Prism Mardi Gras Sweater dress

Style Card:

  • Prism Lynne Sweater Dress in Mardi Gras, 329L
  • Hat from Kaslte Rock Bourbon hunt last year
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Elle Hair in Strawberry Blonde
  • Pose Pride: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt