Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday

Ohh Liv Glam & KCollection has some super cute Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday items offered for the Deals of the Week!  So pop over and check them out.  As always, the garments are on sale until next week at 49L (Sec Wed) & 55L .  Taxi please…

Secret Wednesday: KCollection, Can We Talk

11:14:13- Sec Wed (49L)- KCollection- Can We Talk Dress


  • Outfit: {LG} K Collection Can We Talk Outfit
  • Bag: BSD Design Studios, Model Off Duty Red


Secret Wednesday: Liv Glam, Get Outta My Way

11:14:13- Sec Wed (49L)- LG; Get Outta My Way


  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Get Outta My Way HUD 1 (3 Pantones for shirt & mini skirt: white, black & red {shown} for shirt & red/orange/teal [shown}, black/grey/white, & aqua/green/pink for mini skirt
  • Shades: BSD Design Studios, Retro in Red


55L Thursday: Liv Glam, Dance with Me

11:14:13- 55L Thursday- LG- Dance with Me Jumpsuit


  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Dance With Me HUD 1 (3 Pantone HUD on pants: Black & Silver beading {shown}, brown & grey floral print, and black & grey floral print)
  • Clutch: Indy&Co, Snakeskin Noir
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Gaby Set (group gift)


55L Thursday: Liv GlamWhere Have you Been 

11:14:13- 55L Thursday -LG- Where have you been dress

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Where Have You Been HUD 1 (with jacket not shown)
  • Jewelry: MANDALA, Polly Bracelet in Black & Anuttra Ring Set

2 Gems of a Deal…

There are two events that I wanted to highlight today, The Autumn Market Fair: SPCA Benefit & The Best Foot Forward Hunt.

The Autumn Market Fair – SPCA is a fundraiser to help homeless animals, from September 22 to October 6, 2013.  In the Feeb’s Rascals St. Shopping District & Sale Room sim carts display exclusive 100% donation items, new releases and 5L hunt items (hunt object is a doggie face).  To find out more information about SPCA and the AMF Fundraiser event, click here.

The Best Foot Forward Hunt also runs from September 22 to October 6, 2013.  Most hunt items are 6L each and the hunt object is a sock.  There are more than 45 stores participating in this hunt with gifts ranging from boots, leg tattoos, rings and ankle bracelets.  Hints, gift sneak peeks and more information, click here.

First styling I loved the bold bright colors of the K Collection Who’s That Girl Mini Dress paired with BSD Design Studio Fashion Blogger Bag in Pink, both SPCA Cart Fair hunt gifts (5L each), and BSD Design Studio Supermodel Drunna in Neon Blue Shoe from Best Foot Forward Hunt (50L).

K Collection, pink bag & neon shoes

For the next styling, I loved the autumn colors and mixed texture of the Liv Glam Boy (I Need You) Dress (SPCA cart item) and paired the BSD Design Studio Fashion Model Travel Bag and B-UniQ Trails of Flower Ankle Boots in Rust (both gifts from The Best Foot Forward Hunt).

Liv Glam SPCA dress & BSD & B-UniQ Best Foot Forward hunt items

While at the Deliruim Style sim, I hopped on the carousel while wearing the Xpression Strapless Mini Dress, Lavarock Creations Dog Footprint Pumps and Pure Eloise Yellow Hand Bag (all items from the SPCA Cart Fair for 5L each).

Black & White, SPCA dress, shoes & bag

  • Dress: Xpression, Strapless Mini Dress
  • Shoes: Lavarock Creations, Dog Footprint Pumps
  • Handbag: Pure, Eloise Yellow Hand Bag

My final styling I combined the Perch Tunic Dress in Wine with trs Vintage Travel Meow Bag (both from SPCA Cart Fair) and Prism Stevie Booties in Grayed Jade (or B-UniQ Trail of Flowers in Purple, bottom left, both hunt gifts from Best Foot Forward).

Perch Brown Dress, Ankle Booties & Meow Travel Bag

  • Dress: Perch, Tunic Dress in Wine (SPCA Cart Fair, 5L)
  • Bag: trs, Vintage Travel Meow Bag  (SPCA Cart Fair, 5L)
  • Ankle Booties: Prism, Stevie Booties in Grayed Jade (top right) & B-UniQ, Trail of Flowers in Purple (bottom left, Best Foot Forward Hunt)

Hope you enjoy the hunts and benefit event.  Lots of great gifts and fun item.

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware BSD

To all my readers, I not only look out for “hidden gems” in SL, but I feel it is AS important to report to you when there is something wrong with a store, or provider.  As you probably know, I have blogged many times about the great shoe designs of BSD Design Studio.  I am a VIP group member, decadent shopper and also frequent discount events BSD participates in to find buys for my readers.

This past weekend, I purchased two BSD iPad cases from Lyfe of Style discount event.  I was surprised when the folders were empty, only supplying an LM to the main BSD store. I wrote a notecard to owner & creator, BabyChampagne Sass, with my SL transaction history explaining the situation.  Ms. Sass instructed me to use her redelivery terminal at the main store, which unfortunately didn’t work.

I wrote 5 notecards to BabyChampagne Sass receiving no acknowledgement.  Today, Ms. Sass im’d me in an angry hostile manner, blaming my viewer (or me) for her vendor problem.  BabyChampagne had previously blamed SL for a ‘bug,’ the Lyfe of Style vendor, my viewers, or me, never once taking responsibility.  Her attitude and lack of customer service has poisoned my love for her designs.  Ms. Sass DOES NOT value her clients because she will not stand behind her product.

Please beware when shopping at BSD!

Below are the pics I took of the non-rezzed iPad “apple” case (in the middle, grey item) and the rezzed “grey croc & feather” cases I purchased (feather is top & grey croc is bottom).  I also included the im history as well as the notecards.

BSD iPad Case


im today, August 7, 2013

[2013/08/07 12:27] gloriasilverstone: Sent you another NC about the iPad cases (apple & grey croco) that I purchased at Lyfe of style. You never sent me the grey croco and the apple doesn’t rezz in. I will send you daily NC until you fix this issue.
— End of Log —
[15:59] BabyChampagne Sass: Sent u already
[15:59] gloriasilverstone: I never received anything.
[16:00] BabyChampagne Sass: N i think u need u re install viewer .this only happen to u
[16:01] BabyChampagne Sass: Your viewet capped all offine items n nc .i sent u tgrwe times n the gifts n there are threety ppl buy n no problem
[16:01] gloriasilverstone: I updated my viewers. You never sent me the grey croco iPad case and the apple doesn’t work. You were the one who told me that there was a problem in SL.
[16:02] BabyChampagne Sass: I sent u again n this os the last time
[16:02] gloriasilverstone: “threety ppl buy n no problem”- What does this mean?
[16:02] BabyChampagne Sass: Thirty ppl buy
[16:02] BabyChampagne Sass: I sent thrugh my phone
[16:02] BabyChampagne Sass: I m working in rl
[16:04] gloriasilverstone: Got the grey croco
[16:04] gloriasilverstone: Please send the apple
[16:05] BabyChampagne Sass: Can u wait?;
[16:05] BabyChampagne Sass: It id phone mode
[16:06] gloriasilverstone: I purchased the items on 8/4/13 and today is the first time I spoke to you after 5 NC and no reply.
[16:06] gloriasilverstone: The apple does not rezz
[16:07] gloriasilverstone: The apple iPad case is grey and no good. Refund my money.
[16:07] BabyChampagne Sass: I told u millions tims i sent u thrwe tims already n nc
[16:07] BabyChampagne Sass: U r haunting me
[16:08] gloriasilverstone: I received one reply from you in an NC
[16:08] gloriasilverstone: You blamed SL or me
[16:08] gloriasilverstone: The item is no good
[16:08] BabyChampagne Sass: I m losing patience
[16:09] gloriasilverstone: Today is the first time you sent me the item I purchased, grey croco
[16:09] BabyChampagne Sass: Othetr cusromers have nooooo peoblem .it is only sl bug
[16:09] BabyChampagne Sass: Or u
[16:09] gloriasilverstone: I told you the apple iPad doesn’t rezz
[16:09] gloriasilverstone: How is it that the grey works and the apple doesn’t?
[16:09] BabyChampagne Sass: N my company sold this item more than 1000
[16:09] BabyChampagne Sass: No problem only u
[16:10] gloriasilverstone: Your company sold the apple Ipad to more than 1000 customers with nothing in the folder from the Lyfe of style discount event, that is horrible
[16:10] BabyChampagne Sass: N it is not fair for keeping my time n keeping sending u somthing wortj 200l n now only 70l .really
[16:11] BabyChampagne Sass: I think my time is more than 70 l
[16:11] gloriasilverstone: You never sent me the grey croco until today
[16:11] BabyChampagne Sass: It is only u
[16:11] gloriasilverstone: The apple ipad case doesn’t rez in
[16:11] gloriasilverstone: i sent you a picture of the apple ipad case not rezzed in
[16:11] BabyChampagne Sass: I sent u miilion times only u viwere kept n good buy
[16:12] gloriasilverstone: What about my time doesn’t that matter to you as a business person in SL?
[16:12] gloriasilverstone: “only u viwere kept n good buy”- What does this mean?
[16:15] gloriasilverstone: If you don’t refund my 75L I will make this public on my blog. It is the principle. it is dishonest to cheat a customer and then blame them. Your hostile manner and lack of response tells me that you don’t care about your customers. I work in RL, I have a life and my time should be considered as valuable as yours.


Notecard history starting 8/4/13 to 8/7/13

Notecard #5: (8/7/13)

I’m resending you the below notecard from yesterday, August 6, 2013 because I never received the grey croco iPad case I purchased and the apple case is still not rezzed in. Furthermore, I never received a notecard from you to acknowledge you got the NC and will send me the iPad case or refund my money.

I’m a member of your group, purchase almost everything you design and blog your creations multiple times a week. I love your designs and find this incident to be a great misfortune. I will continue to send you daily notecards UNTIL you send me the two items I purchased OR refund my 150L.

Notecard #4: (8/6/13)

I tried Firestorm, Singularity, Second Life Viewer and Phoenix. I cleared my cache and downloaded updated version of the viewers. I am still not able to get the iPad Apple case to rezz in. I never received the grey croco iPad case.

Not sure why this has become such an issue but I think it’s horrible customer service that we are on the four notecard and I still don’t have the original items I purchased. Send me my items, or refund my money.

From BabyChampagne Sass: (8/6/13)

there has been SL bug these few days , some store owners kept recieving notecard about things can’t rezz.. due to their sl testing new viewer, please try relog and clear cache.. the items can be rezzed just the sl has bugs these days . .

and i sent u the grey croco agian.
try use firestorm or new official viewer. if u are using the beta ones , try relog and clear cache. thanks


Notecard #3: (8/5/13)

Hello again,

The iPad apple bag does not rez in. Below is a picture. I have tried on a number of different sims but it won’t rez in.

Lfye of Style-ipad case, apple

Furthermore, I also purchased the grey croco. I never received the grey croco. You sent me feather and apple. I already own feather and apple won’t rez in for me. Please see the transaction history below and resend the proper iPad cases I purchased.

This has truly been such a hassle.


Notecard #2: (8/4/13)

Hi again,

I went to the main store location and tried to get the redelivery terminal to send me my ipad cases, but the terminal does not have my purchases from this morning (below). Please send me the items I purchased.

Notecard #1: (8/4/13)


I purchased two iPad case at Lyfe of Style discount house this morning, Sunday, August 4, 2013 and nothing was inside the folder but a LM to your main store. Will you please send me my iPad cases. Transaction history below.

Thank you,
Gloria Silverstone

iPad Case Purchase #1:
DATE: 08/04/2013
TIME: 09:47:32
ID: 73e154e4
Destination: BabyChampagne Sass
Object: Sale
Region: Duke Island
Description: {{BSD Design Studio}}my ipad case apple

iPad Case Purchase #2:
DATE: 08/04/2013
TIME: 09:47:28
ID: aa857187
Destination: BabyChampagne Sass
Object: Sale
Region: Duke Island
Description: {{BSD Design Studio}}my ipad case grey croco

The Real Me…

GloriaSilverstone Resident, headshot2 copy

Warning this is a totally different kind of post today.  This post is inspired by two of my friends and fellow models/bloggers recent articles.  I’ve been thinking more and more about masks and unveiling one’s self to the world.  We all have our “face” that we let co-workers, strangers, and SL friends see and then there is the real you, the “authentic you” that your loves one know and appreciate.  Personally, sometimes I find it harder and harder to reveal one’s self to this world, maybe it’s fear of rejection or worst disapproval. Maybe it’s because I’ve also been so fascinated with the idea of a “face in a crowd.”  But there comes a time in your life that you desire to be “you”….. to be known for your whole essence not just facts or baseless opinions of others.  So, I guess I’m opening the door a bit into me and what makes Gloria counterpart tick.  I mentioned that this post was inspired by my friends Averil and Cao‘s recent blogs (please read them, they have very different perspectives on SL and offer great insight).  Recently, Averil wrote a blog based on a personality test she took and urged others to take it.  When I entered college we all had to take personality test to determine our career path.  Well, as a fresh-faced freshman with stars in her eyes, I wanted to pursue art, either art history or graphic design.  I was shy, quiet, scared to explore others options, and I’ve also had the greatness passion for art.  So no surprise when the personality results were in, I was an INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling & Perceiving, career paths: writers, counselors, social worker or psychologist).  After college my life took a left turn and everything changed, and with change comes different outlooks.  I have changed since college, since 5 years ago, since last fall.  I have grown and relaxed, and maybe accepted myself.  The brilliant and wonderful Cao wrote about accepting herself in a recent article.  She “came to terms with herself” and embraced her “imperfections,” and I allowed my inner voice to be heard.  (Just a side thought, I wonder if guys have to deal with ‘accepting’ themself like women do).  Anyway, the real me is slowly emerging in my counterpart Gloria, both love art, both are sassy independent smart women, both are loyal and funny, I’m a brunette, golden olive complexion with a love for old cars and power tools. 🙂 I wanted to style an outfit that I would wear in RL, so here’s by tribute to Fall 2013.  Suede khaki pants (Overhigh), camel overcoat ([PO], available at The Boutique), silk studded nude blouse (Ricielli), sassy open toe booties (BSD), chocolate suede hobo handbag (Azoury, available at L’accessoires) and autumnal jewelry set (Izzie’s). Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, I retook the personality test and as of today, I’m an ENFJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling & Judging, career paths: event coordinators, politicians, or religious work).

Take the test and be kind to yourself.

GloriaSilverstone Resident, full

Photo taken by Wren Noir Cerise

Working 9 to 5…

BSD Blogger Bag in hot pink

We have approached the final hours of The Shoe Fair 2013 and I wanted to close with one of my favorite items I purchased from BSD Design Studios, the Fashion Blogger Bag in pink for 50L.  The bag comes in various tones and colors at the main store.  The BSD Blogger bags are designed to look like a realistic briefcase, a little smaller to fit a lady’s hand and laptop. Truly a great addition to your wardrobe!

BSD Design Studio, Fashion Blogger Bag