Serenity Style Summer Hideaway

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Bedroom

Happy Saturday!  I know, I promised I would feature each part of the one-room Summer hideaway, designed exclusively with Serenity Style, in a series this week, I’m sorry real life had other plans.  So I’m going to combine a few areas and wrap up the house tour in this post.  I have too many other projects and blog posts I need to finish.  That being said, let’s continue our journey moving from the kitchen into the bedroom.  Vintage worn-in country charm is predominate in the space with make-shift fence headboard, purple and soft green quilted duvet, eclectic wall art, and an assortment of rustic storage options.  The bedroom area is warm and inviting capturing the joy of a relaxing summer refuge.

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Bathroom

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Bathroom Close-up

It’s time to unwind and de-stress in the giant soaker tub, star-gazing while soaking away your troubles in the bathroom.  Simply appointed with a the basic essentials of a wardrobe, some decorative accessories, and an inviting chair.

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Living Room

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Overview

The washroom also serves as a backdrop for the living room with low table and floor seating.  With a pallet functioning as a coffee table, multiple pillow options for chairs, hanging paper lanterns above and games scattered around, an informal free-spirited mood encapsulates the one room summer studio.

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Laundry

Finally, as we return to the bucolic setting, the side porch is being used for vintage country laundry and beyond the sunflower fields, in the distance are a collection of rusty old machines.  Each zone of the tiny house has delights found at Serenity Style.

Structure: Trompe Loeil Garden Bard Adobe


  • Pilot, Window Shade (Fun Pack 2)
  • Sways, Filis Lamp
  • Serenity StyleGood Day Set (Bed & Wall Art), Sweet Wood, Flower Wood Fence, Sewing Box, Winter Rug, Vintage Stars Set (Stars Cabinet Decorated, Vase & Basket), Spring Chic Flowering Pot (part of the Spring Chic Set), Vintage Radio, Secret Shelf, Rusty Set (Mirror, Chest, Blanket & Box)


  • Serenity Style, Soak Your Troubles Bath Set (Black Bathtub, Message in a Bottle & Soak Your Troubles Frame), Spring Chic Bench (part of the Spring Chic Set), Spring Dreams Set (Spring Wardrobe & Chair), Oh My Owl!, Tazzo Home Decor Set (Tazzo Clock, Home1, Home2 & Boxes in Blue), Cucu Clock

Living Room

  • Serenity Style, Letters of Love Set (Table & Pillows), Vintage Record Player, Birdie Pillows, Flower Pot (part of Spring Flowers Gatcha), Tea Time Set, Tic Tac Toe (part of Old B&W Toys Gatcha)Milano Caffe Cup & Milano Muffins (part of Caffe Di Milano Set), Cute Scrabble 1 & 2, Stars Wood Puf (part of Vintage Stars Set)


  • Serenity Style, The Country Laundry Collection (Country Double Sink, Country Washboard Shelf & Country Bucket & Dryer), Old Rust Collection (car, water pump & gas pump)

The Wayward Wind…

The Wayward Hunt 2015 (Interior)

Hello again!  It’s been awhile since my last post, sorry real life grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  As soon as I heard about all the freebies on the Wayward Hunt (4/17-5/1), I couldn’t wait to share them with you.  I styled a corner of my Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse in a fresh spring bohemian vibe complete with piano, hanging wall drape, painted bench, easels, and cookies :-).  I’m decked out in VinCue striped maxi dress, beachy wave Soonsiki hair and whimsical Moon Amore Traveler Necklace.  Over 100+ stores are participating in the hunt, so check out the prize page, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.  Happy hunting and hurry the hunts ends May 1!

The Wayward Hunt 2015 (Fashion)

Interior Design:


June Moolto Hunt: Pit Stop (Part 2)

Headshot of Russh Lussh, Ananya skinAfter breakfast and a mid morning music lesson, I headed into town to make a pit stop at the local shopping district, only to discover a new skin, Russh Lussh (Ananya). Back at the retreat, I enjoy the evening warmth while sitting on the dock and taking a dip in the pool before getting ready for my debut as DJ.  Lots of great gifts are available for free, hints & landmarks click here.

M&M Corset Dress, ME Shape & Skin, Davina's Eyes

  • Shape & Skin: Mirror’s Engima, Lyla (Standard XXS)
  • Dress: M&M, Corset Dress
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original, Purple Blue
  • Hair: Truth, Marina (Not part of hunt)
  • Jewelry: DDM Designs, Rayon D’Argent Set (February Moolto hunt gift)

Davina Original Erika shape, Russh Lussh Ananya skin & Jonquille fashion cream cable knit dress

Charltina's Business suit, Erika shape, Orage skin, celtic gold bangles

Vero Modero Cizgi Blue, Erika Shape & ND:MD Liang skin

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Originals “Erika”
  • Skin: ND/MD, Liang
  • Outfit: Vero Modero, Cizgi Blue
  • Eyes: IKON, Destiny Maya (Not part of hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Valerie (Not part of hunt)
  • Jewelry: Stars, Faun (Not part of hunt)

Danielle konti pants outfit, Erika shape & Orage Beyonce skin

Ruxy Crochet Pink Dress, Liang shape, Poudre skin

  • Shape: ND/MD, Liang
  • Skin: Poudre, Sissy
  • Bathing Suit cover-up: Ruxy’s Designs, Leia Crochet in Pink
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original, Purple Blue
  • Hair: Truth, Hollana (Not part of hunt)
  • Jewelry: LaGyo, Isabella (Not part of hunt)

AtaMe Black Bathing suit, Poudre Skin, Azure Fields Davina shape

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Shape “Erika”
  • Skin: Poudres, Sissy M (w/eye brows& freckles)
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Purple Blue eyes
  • Bathing Suit: AtaMa, Mandala
  • Hair: Truth, Hannah (Not part of hunt)
  • Earrings: Pure Poison, Sunny Earrings (enMESH hunt item= free)
  • Bracelet: Pure Poison, Wicky Spiked Bracelet (welcome gift= free)

Resun Mini & Top, ND:MD Liang Shape, 7 Deadly S{kin}s, My Animation DJ Booth, Vista Elvis dance

Steals at Collabor88

I’m a late bloomer.  I’ve been shopping like a mad women for a little over a year and a half on SL.  In the real world, I pride myself on finding steals and deals, some might call me a bargain hunter.  I have been known to crawl under tables at after Christmas sales, or wake up at ungodly hours of the morning, only to stand in line for a Black Friday special, and yes, maybe once or twice I’ve barnstormed warehouse basements for that perfect piece. One of my intentions on writing this blog was to provide a resource for sales, specials and freebies.  I found a great store that falls perfectly in this category, even if it’s not a great mystery to all of you “in the know.”  Collabor88 is a fashion forward destination, where the most well-loved creators in SL get together to bring shoppers a superb selection of their merchandise for low prices.  I scored quite a few deals for 88L or 188L. A new cycle is changed on the 8th of each month.  I can’t wait to share some of my finds with you, because there is still time for you to grab them, as well!

First up is Glam Affair Laurel skin for 188L.  I was at Glam yesterday and the regular price for their skin is 1,000L….the special at Collabor88 is an amazing deal!  I paired the skin with Truth Hollana Brown hair collection for 88L.  A few blogs post ago, I took snaps of the faded and blonde Hollana collection I purchased.  I couldn’t resist the sale, so I purchased a few more colors, I think this style is so adorable.  Truth hair sells for 250L, the bow is a marketplace find and the location is House of Fox.

Glam Affair skin, close-up

I paired the hair and skin with the (NO) Ivy Drape Dress, Yellow/Green I got for 88L.  I used a Finesmith necklace and CHoOoz booties in lime green to complete the look.

(NO) Ivy Dress, Truth hair in brown, Glam Affiar skin

Another item I purchased was the D!va Hair Mayumi3 for 188L.  There are two styles in the pack with four flower options.  Mayumi3 hair has a braid across the top and two side buns with the option of flowers in braid & buns, only flower in braid, only flowers in buns or no flowers at all.  The two hair style options are side swept bangs or parted bangs.  The Mayumi3 hair is very Boho spring and a compete departure from my normal style.  I wore the Glam Affair Laurel skin and paired it with a soft yellow Boho dress and jewelry set. Photo taken at the D!va mainstore sim.

D!va Hair-Mayumi 3 (Type A) D!va Hair-Mayumi3 (Type B)

I also thought the Erinyes Wings in Dragon by BOOM were something I might be able to use for future contest or photo shoots, and at 88L a bargain that I had to bring home.  I paired the wings with Collabor88 group gift, Cassia Glitter mini dress by The Sea Hole in Peridot (Army green).  Join the free group for future notices and to get this cute mini which comes in five other colors.  Pictures taken at The Garden of Shambhala.

Collabor88 group gift mini dress & wingsClose-up of the wings

And last but not least, I purchased the Glam Affair Oly hat in Black with red branches for 88L.  I paired the fascinator with an asian cheongsam from the marketplace and Truth Hollana hair in lava part of the fades collection. I found the perfect location and one I would encourage all to check out for a tranquil and serene escape, the Mieville Asian Gardens.

Oly Hat, fullOly Hat, close-up

Take me away to a sweet escape

West Indies breezes, crashing waves, ice cold mojitos- let yourself escape to a tropical island resort in Angel Dessous black box special, Masala, available only today, Wednesday, February 20, 2013.  On these cold winter days, be transported to the West Indies in the Masala, boho long gauze maxi dress with animal printed skirt and beaded bodice. Style the dress with a warm glow, lipgloss, soft wavy hair and chunky bangles.

AD Blackbox 2:20, full

AD Blackbox 2:20, close-up