Born to be wild!

AD BB 7.17.13, full

Angel Dessous black box Wednesday is back!  If today’s special looks a bit familiar to all you black box lover, that because I blogged about this outfit before.  The only differences is shorter pants and no hat.  The top is a midnight blue with large lace black ruffled shoulders and a super sexy low back.  To challenge myself I change my original styling to embrace a sassy motorcycle chick, clad with spike booties and Finesmith Grapa jewelry set.  This outfit is only available today, July 17, 2013 at the Angel Dessous for 69L.

Freedom, Fireworks & Fun!

 Happy 4th of July!  

 Butterfly N' Lace, Shawna dress- MP          Chop Zuey Spangles Outfit

In honor of USA birthday, I wanted to bring you some freebie goodies and groups gifts for all your SL holiday celebrations.  I love this holiday, it’s BBQ, family/friends, the Capital Fireworks, the Boston Pops and me singing patriotic songs way too loud.  It’s remembering our forefathers and their steadfast belief in freedom for our country.  And, let’s not forget the fireworks.

Bikinis & Sun dresses

DeviousMinds, Stars Heels & ParkinsonsTop Row Postcards

Block One (clockwise)

Block Two

UPDATE: New 4th of July gifts were added by Belle of Chop Zuey for members and non-members. Lillou Design also has a 4th of July gift dress for members.  

Chop Zuey Member Gift:

Spangles Ring

Chop Zuey Non- Member Gifts: (free for all)

Always True Bangles Always True Earrings

Lillou’s Design: (Group gift)

Lillou's Design

MORE UPDATE: As the Day goes on, I keep finding more freebies, group gifts and discounted items to celebrate this special day.

Bliss Couture: 35L

Bliss -4th Hat (35l)

Bliss: 89L

Bliss-4th Dress (89l)

B!asta: Free for all

B!asta- One Nation (free)

Kimber Carter (Total Style): Bikini & Nails -100L

Kimber Carter Bikini & nails (100l)

Finesmith is having a 50% sale today and the group join fee is 0L: (free group gift)

Finesmith Gift

Ghee has a cute one-piece swimsuit for group members: Wearing Finesmith July4th free Bangles & ring.

Ghee swim suit & finesmith bangles

NYC Sim is having a 75% sim wide sale and a fireworks show at 9PM slt.

Midnight rider

Close-up Izzie's skin & Ricielli

The Dressing Room collection is coming to a close,  but there is still just a moment to hop over and grab some items.  TDR is a discount store that features top designers in SL at rock bottom prices of 40 to 70L each, so it’s well worth the time to check it out.  Just want to spotlight one of my new favorite designer items featured at TDR.  Ricielli is an ultra cool, urban chic chick who rocks a leather studded skirt and silk rompers…. I want to be her in RL, but I don’t have legs, or fierceness, to pull it off.  So, Gloria nicely enough agreed to play all the parts :-).  Anyway, I found out about Ricielli from Cao’s blog ( a treat and personal fav) and headed over there, only to my amazement to find a hunt!  Not only was Fhara Ricielli Marchiori (creator) nice enough to offer items for the Valentine hunt, she left out past hunt items as well, all for 15L each.  Well, I purchased most and have been dying to write a blog post about this store ever since.  This past weekend (May 31-June 2) all the spring mesh studded items were on sale for 50% off.  Hopefully, I will have time to style a few that I purchased so you can see the quality and diversity of looks. (Also, there was a past Mother’s day hunt with goodies hidden around the store).

Anyway, I digress…today I found three Ricielli items at The Dressing Room for 60-65L each.  The midnight (blue/teal) lace studded skirt & corset has a baroque feel, which was a huge trend last fall.  I LoOoveD the colors and knew I purchased a suede biker jacket and it would pair nicely with the urban chic look.  I heard that Izzie’s made good skin and this was a perfect opportunity to try it out by getting Irene in Brown.  To finished the bad girl style, I got Pure Poison Teal & Gold Wilda necklace from The Box (monthly discount event).  Any who, there is still some day light left to head over and see what styles you can create on a budget.

Photo taken: Seraph City

The Dressing Room Ricielli midnight skirt & corset, blue biker jacket, Izzie's skin

Blue bells!

Oh my, it was a gorgeous day today.  The warmth of the sun’s glow broke through the winter skies and illuminated the blue bells that pop up from the cold earth.  A welcome sign of spring beckon us.  Angel Dessous’s black box Wednesday special, Le Petite is a soft watery blue cocktail dress with floral detailed necklace attached to a sash back.  I paired the dress with Chop Zuey’s Stolen Kisses earrings and bracelet in sapphire and D!va Airi2 updo.  Chop Zuey’s Stolen Kisses set were a Valentine gift for members and non-members that are still available.  The Le Petite in Blue dress is a nice addition to your wardrobe and at 69L, a steal that I’m sure you will enjoy in the spring and summer season. Remember this special is only available today, Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

AD Blackbox 2:27:13, fullAD Blackbox 2:27:13, close-up

Happy President’s Day!

In honor of the USA holiday, Ali & Ali Hair is having a 50L sale on 45 hair styles for men and women in Red, White or Blue for the week of February 17-23, 2012.  Also, a Flower Tresure hunt is being offered at the main store. You need to collect 12 hidden flowers in your basket to received a prize.  And, on the SL marketplace there are male and female hair styles priced at 0L. So if you like Ali & Ali hair and good deals, these are specials you need to check out. Go Now!

President Day specials, Raina & Serafine in Brightwhite for 50L.

A&A Raina Hair in White

A&A Serafina hair in white

Flower Treasure Hunt items, Kaynes & Cookie in Dark Rose for 0L.

A&A Kaynes hair, flower hunt itemA&A Cookie hair, flower hunt item

Marketplace promotion, Ludvika in Darkbrown & Collen in Raspberry for 0L.

A&A Ludvika hair in Darkbrown

A&A Collen hair in Raspberry