Beguiling & Bewitching

Halloween is right around the corner and seems like everyone on Second Life is embracing the spirit of the spooky season.  Personally, I love Halloween and have been known to decor every inch of my place and dream up crazy costumes.  I never purchase a pre-package costume in RL, opting to make something, or piece together items I already own.  I want to create something unique that has my own personal touch.  Also, I don’t break the bank with an expensive costume that you wear one time around.  Today, I want to focus on a few Bliss Couture group gifts (all free) that can be re-purposed for Halloween Costume.  Bliss Couture is a ladies fashion house offering casual, formal, hats and hair as well as a past designer of MVW gowns. Creator of Bliss Couture, Amutey DeCuir decided it was time to say goodbye and has been having a closing sale and hunt. It’s well worth joining Bliss (for free) to get the hunt items and exclusive gowns before the doors are shut.

First costume I styled today is the Witchy Witch Gown, a special Halloween group gift.  I like how sexy, yet practical this outfit is.  You could wear the top or skirt with anything else in your inventory after Halloween or add a hat to create a new character.  I paired the Vogue Skull Hat, another group gift (free to join and only available a few more days, so hurry now) to create a new spin on witches.  I think Glory looks bewitching.

Bliss Couture Witchy Witch Gown & Vogue Skull Hat

  • Costume: Bliss Couture, Witchy Witch (group gift, free to join)
  • Headpiece: Vogue, Skull Hat (group gift, free to join)
  • Hair: Truth, Angie Elvira
  • Necklace: Finesmith, Heartless (past group gift)
  • Earrings: Vogue, Halloween Spider (past group gift)
  • Make-up: Vogue, Halloween Spiderweb (past group gift)

Bliss Couture Nichole Orange Dress & Witch broom

Next up is the Nichole Orange Babydoll Dress, paired with Witchy Witch hat and Melinda Denver Witch Broom (Pumpkin Town skull hunt gift).  The orange babydoll dress can easily be worn around the grid shopping, or hanging out with friends after Halloween by wearing the Stars! Onyx Autumn Set (Mass Hysteria Hunt until 10/31).

  • Dress: Bliss Couture, Nichole (group gift, free to join)
  • Jewelry: Stars!, Onyx Autumn Set (Mass Hysteria Hunt gift, free)
  • Hat: Bliss Couture, Witchy Witch (group gift, free to join)
  • Hair: Truth, Angie Lava

Lastly, harken back to the 40’s glam style in the gold satin Veronica Lake inspired Bliss Couture Lively Halter Gown.  I paired Exile Just a Reason platinum hair and dripped myself in diamonds to channel the film noir era.  Taxi to Bliss please….

Bliss Couture- Veronica Lake

  • Gown: Bliss Couture, Lively Halter Gown (group gift, free to join)
  • Jewelry: Purple Moon, Diva Set (past group gift)
  • Hair: Exile, Just a Reason

All photo taken at PumpkinTown2013, please, please, please, check this place out.  It’s a great location to take Halloween photos, plus there is a skull hunt (gift preview to come), weekly music events, movies and fun places to play.  Go now!

There are endless possibilities mixing and matching items you have in your inventory to create a fun Halloween costumes.  These next 10 days leading up to Halloween I’ll blog about home decor (I scored with great free items) and everyday spooktacular garments.  I might even break out my work in progress male alt, Sport and show some low-cost mens Halloween costumes.  So more to come, stay tuned!

Fashion For Life – Tribute to John Galliano & The 7 Wonders of the World

Update:  I want to spotlight the ethereal Lolly gown designed by *SoliDea FoliEs*, exclusively for Fashion for Life.  It was worn by the beautiful, talented, creative and soulful Cao Lionheart, Miss. Virtual World, South Korea (retired).  Personally, I’m always inspired by Cao’s dramatic artistic styling, the humanity she portrays in her blog and her generosity of spirit.  The Lolly gown embodies all that is soft and graceful, airy and fragile, qualities that personify Ms. Cao.

Lolly gown

The Fashion for Life final runway show was a tribute to John Galliano that took place on the  Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 10am SLT.  I was invited by Warm Clarity-Jupiter, CEO of Ghee and unfortunately, I crashed more times than Liz Taylor married.  However, I was able to see the final ‘one of a kind gown’ worn by Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL and designed by the extraordinary Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey.  Frolic was dripping in 500 diamonds and rockin’ a nice weave.  The gown was auctioned off right there on the runway.  Drama and catfights abound, and that was in the audience.  The auction started at 5,000L and quickly turn serious when a two ladies tried to out bid each other (and at some points out bid themself).  Finally, the price hit 100,000L and everyone was sure that one of the ladies were going to be seen on the grid in this gown….but out of nowhere a silent bidder drove the price up to 140,000L and crazy offers were being thrown in to sweeten the pot (Frolic will style you in the gown for 150,000L, Belle will make the same gown in black diamonds for 175,000L, and a little something about someone sucking on toes,  eeew).  The winning bid was from the silent bidder for 150,000L and one of the ladies donated 100,000L for the black diamond gown.  All the proceed goes to the American Cancer Society.


Following the live auction, some of the exclusive runway gowns were placed ‘on sale’ for 50% off, at the back of the runway available until close of FFL, Sunday, March 17, 2013.  Honestly, the sale prices were so high that I couldn’t consider attempting to justify taking any of the gowns home.  But, I took a few pictures of some of the creations to wet your appetite.  And, if you have not checked out FFL, do so now.

Boudoir Gizza

MoreaTres Beau

The week-long event closes on Sunday, March 17, 2013.  There are 7 sims, designed after the Seven Wonders of the World.  The Egyptian sim, Temple of Zeus at Olympia is awesome and houses Liv Glam, Body Doubles and Amacci.  The Greek Temple, Artemis at Ephesus houses Virtual Impressions, Mohna Lisa Couture, Belleza, and Bliss Couture.  For a lush and tropical escape, stop by the Gardens of Babylon.  This sim is truly gorgeous and it’s my favorite by far, it houses Tres Beau, Gizza and !deviousMinds.  The far out Pyramid of Giza sim is sensational, just the ride alone entering the sim is worth it….. well for anyone who saw Star Wars opening with Luke speeding in and out of tunnels, you get that and so much more.  The sim houses Chop Zuey, Madrid Solo and Morea.  Up next is the half under water sim, for a lack of better description, Lighthouse of Alexandria.  (And, for all my Steampunk lovers out there, a crazy cool half chair, half eye, half garlic thingie that worth a peek).  Personally, I got a little creeped out here but it could be my fear of seagulls rather than the sim.  This one houses Purple Moon, Boudoir and Carrie’s Lingerie.  And, finally the giant stone man, Colossus of Rhodes.  Honestly, I have nightmares about this dude and my constant climb up his leg.  He houses Finesmith, Emotions and Wet Cat.  For the sim build only and the art, go and participate.  The runway and party lounge represnted the final Wonder of the World, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.  Also, at the main landing point there is a memorial garden, hope haven, resource library and a survivors gazebo, a peaceful and serene escape that you need to see.  Remember 100% of the proceeds goes to charity, so that’s worth taking a look for, right?