Asian Futurism

Asian Future | Junko Koshino (fr)

In the past few weeks I’ve been honored to judge the 2015 Colour of Couture Top Model Competition.  COC, founded by Reign Congrejo and Sequoia Nightfire, showcases the talents of Women of Color in Second Life Fashion across the grid including: Aboriginal, African/African Diaspora, Alaska Native, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, Maori, Native American, Indian, South Sea and Pacific Islanders, and Indigenous heritages throughout the world.

One need not be a woman of color (in RL) to compete in COC.  The goal is to bring awareness and celebrate the different cultures and ethnicities of women across the global community.  Candidates embrace world cultures, have the spirit and cooperative nature to celebrate beauty, intelligence and creativity of Women of Colour, and honor these women for their contributions and achievements.

img-503597-design-e-arte-de-junko-koshino20130416171366143382Saturday, May 9, 2015 at noon will be the 3rd runway show with the theme Junko Koshino, a Toyko based fashion designer who draw inspiration from “Taikyoku” balancing contrast and harmony.  Significant in Junko designs is the juxtaposition of the individual and the group, dramatic theatrical costuming, futurism, technological innovations, and industrial products.  Koshino work ranges from designing costumes for the opera “The Magic Flute” and “Madame Butterfly,” the Broadway musical play “Pacific Overtures” (Nominated for Tony Award), to designing sport uniforms, and interiors.              homogenic









Koshino challenges almost every preconception about fashion materials available for clothing, her garments feature geometric asymmetrical shapes, bright and contrasting hues, various lengths, and unusual fabrics such as: metals, helmeted figures, sculptural forms, cocoons and spirals, concentric circles, ribbed construction, and materials from plastic to metal to cloth. The circle is most important to Koshino, who sees the form as complete and eternal, both ancient and futuristic.


One of the best parts of judging a styling contest is you learn about real life global fashion designers that you were not familiar with and since you studied the designers inspiration you can create your own interpretation. I greatly enjoyed Koshino artistry and wanted to design an outfit that merge traditional theatrical geisha with avant-garde futurism coupled with industrial metals playing with textures and shapes.  In the Junko’s Spring/Summer 2014 Poland Fashion Week runway show, the color palette was primarily silver, black, white, touches of hot pinks/neon lime and metal with large sculpted hips.  Since the circle is the central element in Koshino designs, I selected a collar that framed the face and traditional geisha styled hair with fan completing the form.  Hope you liked the styling and if you have tomorrow, stop by the show and see the COC candidates interpretation.  Taxi please…

Asian Future Face | Junko Koshino (fr)Asian Future Half | Junko Koshino (fr)

  • Hair: Sys, Hanayo
  • Skin: Belleza, Ria Pale 4
  • Make-up: Madrid Solo, Killing Me Softly (Eye) & Saturn Spoke (Lips)
  • Dress: Legal Insanity, Phoebe
  • Collar/Cuff: Zibska, Varushka (Collar) & Alcmene (Cuff)
  • Shoes: Azoury, Cordelia

First Frost

Icy Princess Bedroom FR

I know what some of my loyal readers are thinking, doesn’t she live in California, has she ever seen snow?  Yes, you are right, I live in the great Golden state and you’re partial correct in your thinking, I can’t appreciate winter unless I’ve been snowed-in and my legs buried deep in snow banks.  For the record, I did see snow once, that was on the same trip to the Sierra when I attempted skiing, for the first and only time, which resulted in a broken leg.  Having said that, I live in the Silicon Valley, where we have our own version of winter and don’t panic at the sight of rain like our southern neighbors.  Speaking of rain, it’s been raining cats & dogs for a few days and last week we had our first ever rain day, almost all schools were closed and most business.  According to the weather folks, we were suppose to get huge gust of winds and heavy rain, they were concerned that the creeks would overflow.  Honestly, seemed like a bunch of smoke and no fire, so to speak, but I can’t complain, California been in a drought for a few years and every drop helps.  When I was a kid, we had a drought and had to extremely cut back our water usage, saving dish water to water house plants and letting our lawns turn brown.  One year, I can remember it like it was yesterday, it was right around Christmas, we had a deep frost and my backyard citrus trees were covered in icicles.  I broke a few off and saved them in the freezer, I guess I thought every drop counts! 🙂

The Mustard Seed Icy Fireplace FR

I was inspired by the colors Winter, specific the frost palette of soft blues, shimmering teals, creamy whites, and sparkling silvers for today’s interior design post using a number of items (some free) from current events.  I created an icy princess bedroom hideaway complete with a stacked mattress daybed from Cleo Designs for The Challenge Fairytale theme, frosted Winter Trees from Trompe Loeil (**FREE**), snowflake winter decor, and a cozy fireplace from The Mustard Seed.  I also wanted to showcase Sassy Ripples Gown (POE7 Gift), a sexy sequined aqua and black number with a low-cut back and peek-a-boo side.  I paired the gown with Chop Zuey Sultaness Set, available on the 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar (gifts for members and non-members) and Belleza’s new Christmas Group Gift skin, Mae.  I hope you have some time this weekend to pick up some of these deals and are inspired by all the magic of the season.

Icy Princess Bed FR

Finishing Touches Snowglobe FR

On a side note, my blog Hidden Gems in Second Life turns two today.  I honestly can’t believe that something I started on a whim has now become a part of my life for the last few years.  As I grow and expand my brand, I reflect back on all the post, looks, comments and suggestions, and all I can say is thank you.  Thank you for your support and readership. Hopefully, I can stop time and post a top 10 list before 2015, but if we don’t meet again till the new year, I wish you a glorious and bright holiday season filled with love, lights, good food and joyous smiles!

Belleza X-mas Group Gift Skin FR

POE7 Hunt | Sassy Gown FR

Interior Design:

On Gloria:

All Nighter

liv-glam-logo-2012Remember back in school when you would stay up all late cramming for an exam or project.  Your body ached from sitting in that chair, your eyes were crossed and there was that smell, you couldn’t really pinpoint by you were sure it was your body saying, I NEED SLEEP.  Yes, is it starting to come back to you now, that feeling of complete exhaustion mixed with jubilee.  Well, this past weekend I was working on a few builds and shopping at all the events when before I knew it was early morning, I mean 3am.  Daylight savings time always mixes up my body and I lose track of time (or at least that’s what I’m going with).  I looked up at the clock and thought just one more try, maybe I’ll get into Collabor88, and I did.  It was a sign that I had more shopping to do and my inventory wanted more friends.  Lounging around calls for a comfy outfit and I was wearing the perfect one, KCollection Laura Palmer Outfit2, a Steals & Deals special for $100L (still available) at the new main Liv Glam store.  So if you are like me and throwing on a pair of comfy jeans is required when shopping, decorating, moving, organizing your every expanding inventory, then hop over to Liv Glam and get this special before the sale changes.  Taxi please…

KCollection_Laura Palmer Outfit2- Steals & Deals

Style Card:

  • Outfit: [LG] KC-W14- Laura Palmer Outfit2
  • Skin: Belleza – Mimi Makeup 4 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Hair: Truth Hair – Maiko [Blonde 1 / Hot Pink] 1 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Ring: .olive. – Fo Fo Leather Bow Ring


Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Fi*Friday & 60L Weekend

A few new items from Kim Lysette of the KCollection for Fi*Friday (55L) and some new designs from Samantha Jones of Liv Glam for 60L Weekend.  Sale prices last till Monday.  Taxi please…

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Nicest Things

11:23:13- Fi*Friday (55L) KCollection, Nicest Things Dress 2

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Nicest Thing 2 Dress (6 Pantone HUD: Rose, Fern, Periwinkle {shown}, Bronze, Slate Blue, & Grey/Black)
  • Earrings: Pure Poison, Tie Diamonds Earrings
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Silver

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Your Body is a Wonderland 

11:24:13- Fi*Friday (55L) KCollection, Your Body is a Wonderland Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Your Body is a Wonderland Dress (3 Pantones HUD: Blue, Orange & Pink Paisley)
  • Skin: Belleza, Molly (FLF special)

Fi*Friday (55L): Liv Glam, Morning After Dark

11:24:13- Fi*Friday (55L) LG, Morning After HUD 2

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Morning After Dark HUD 2
  • Jewelry: Zibska, Vonn Deux in Coal

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Dark Diamond

11:24:13-60L Weekend-LG, Dark Diamond HUD 3

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Dark Diamond Hud 3 (3 Pantones: Black with grey & white metallic beading, Black with sea-foam green & gold metallic beading, and Black with aqua and petal metallic beading {shown}).
  • Earrings: Pure Poison, Onyx Dia

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Breath Again

11:24:13-60L Weekend-LG, Breath Again HUD 5

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Breath Again HUD 5
  • Jewelry: Mandala, Osenbei Set in Gold

Unveiling glamour at Fashion Star

New round of Fashion Star opened on September 24, 2013 and will last most of October.  I wanted to show you the wonderful Liv Glam Group Gifts available to Fashion Star members.  Do stop by and see the other exclusive offerings from 16 premier SL designers.

Liv Glam Lauryn Anabelle Dress

  • Dress: Liv Glam, Lauryn Anabelle Dress (6 Panetone HUD, Fashion Star Group Gift)
  • Boots: ISON, Cult Riding Boots in Tan (available @ C88)
  • Clutch: ISON, Folded Leather Clutch in Tan (available @ C88)
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Medium 3 (available at C88)
  • Hair & Beret: Clawtooth, Je t’aime Uptown Brown (available @ C88)
  • Necklace: Leonard, My Feather (past FLF item)
  • Pose: Kirin, Autumn Breeze Pose 1 (available at The Season Story)
  • Location: The Season Story (Sept 10- Oct 10)

Liv Glam Chasing Pirates Black & White

  • Dress: Liv Glam, Chasing Pirates (Fashion Star Group Gift)
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Medium 3 (available at C88)
  • Hair: D!va, Marie Black Amber (Group Gift)
  • Bag: BSD, SL10 Celebration Bag
  • Pose: Model Poses, Marcia 4 (available at The Season Story)
  • Location: Inaka

K Collection Celeste Mini Dress

  • Dress: K Collection, Celeste Mini Dress (Fashion Star Group Gift)
  • Jewelry: Liv Glam, The Arabella Set
  • Bag: Svart, Jennifer Bag
  • Hair: Exile, Just a Reason (past Arcade item)
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Pale 1 (available @ C88)
  • Sunglasses: Marshmallow, Black/Gold Sunglasses (available @ Fashion’s Story Fair)
  • Location: Fashion Star

Liv Glam Neema Mini Dress

  • Dress: Liv Glam, Neema (12 Pantone HUD, Fashion Star Group Gift)
  • Hair: Exile, Just a Reason (past Arcade item)
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Medium 3 (available at C88)
  • Clutch: Indyra Originals, Snakeskin Clutch Noir
  • Pose: Model Poses, Marcia 5 (available at The Season Story)
  • Location: MoDanna & Rogue Star Design

Liv Glam Etoile Gown (front)Liv Glam Etoile Gown (back)

  • Gown: Liv Glam, Etoile  (Fashion Star Group Gift)
  • Hair: D!va, Giz Black Amber (past Arcade item)
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Pale 1 (available @ C88)
  • Pose: WetCat, Simple Haute 6
  • Location: Liv Glam