Making an entrance!

Entry Hall

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression.  The same applies to your home as it’s a reflection of your personality and style.  A great foyer serves a dual purpose, first function and then an inviting space to greet your guest.  I styled a ‘under the sea’ themed summer beach house highlighting a few key elements to make a greeting entry including: table/cabinet, mirror, chair, empty baskets for keys, newspaper or mail, baskets of pillows or blankets for the porch, potted plants, lighting, and some fun decorative accessories.  One could also add a collection of family photos or coat rack/umbrella stand.  Don’t over look the importance of the first impression of your home.

Structure: Barnesworth Anubis, Hampton Cottage

  • Second Spaces: Under the Sea dresser (light blue seahorse)/bubble lights, Salvaged Console, Riviera pillows/deco clock/candles (teal)/blues boxes, Trinket Box (beige)
  • LISP: Jasmine Forest Chair
  • Lark: Cambria Basket
  • Dust Bunny: Coral bottle & Coastal Vases (Blue, past Arcade item)
  • Floorplan: Mermaid Print, Captain’s Desk Lantern (Ocean)
  • Apple Fall: Seaside Candle
  • La Galleria: Wreath Seashell Rustic (***FREE***)
  • Balaclava: Seahorse Candlestick (Silver)
  • Trompe Loeil: Beachside Cabinet (Blue)
  • The Mustard Seed: Plant in Vintage Crock Pots (discounted @ Perfect Ten until August 15, 2015)

Table for Two!

Romantic Garden Gazebo

Countdown!  T minus 4 days till Cupid’s arrow hits you!  Yes, I know some of you guys are in denial, but this Saturday is Valentine’s Day and today I created a romantic garden gazebo getaway that you can use all year-long with some special sweet touches from Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes.  The design duo of Marina Ramer (Aphrodite Shop) and Jaylin Whitewood (Heart Homes) have created everything you could wish for this season of love including a special Valentine’s Market sim.  Check it out!  Taxi please…


Marina & Jaylin have also created a special Valentine’s Day experience for you at their Casa de Aromas Restaurant.  This Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 4-7pm SLT, they are hosting a formal dinner event with a 4 course Valentine themed menu, role play entertainment, live singers, chef demos, and Valentine gifts for guests.  This will be the perfect romantic spot for you to take your loved one.  For single or couple tickets and more information, click here. Please note the single ticket experience is designed to chat, meet and greet with other single SL residents and will take place on the Valentines Ferry ship.  Ahoy!

Outdoor Giant Love Sign

Aphrodite Shop- Gazebo Entry

After your unique and one of a kind experience at Casa de Aromas Restaurant, cozy up at home in a romantic garden gazebo that will be your private retreat for many days and nights. Created using Barnesworth Anubis Garden Gazebo (Dec 2014 Collabor88 item) and furnished with Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes Valentines release is a sweet and simple hideaway that you can design too.  The inside of the gazebo is intimate and inviting with Heart Homes Romantic Piano and Garden Cafe Set {with pillar candles} dominating the space. (Please note that both Heart Homes items are part of the Valentine Gazebo collection, a set that includes 3 private pavilions connected by rose-covered bridges with animations and looks best submerged in water.)  Because it’s Valentine’s Day and I love Marina’s sweet treats I had to display part of the Valentine’s Mega Party Pack {discounted 25%} including the Salad Buffet Table, Dessert Tables #1 & #2 with animated fondue and strawberry jelly cookies, and Valentine Heart Shaped Balloon Arches, Floating Heart Balloons, and Love Signs.  I also added some recent releases from Serenity Styles consisting of the Love Gatcha items for the With Love Fair 2015 (2/6-20/15).  Finally, I incorporated Finishing Touches I Heart You Stacked Planter (discounted) and I Heart You Candle Trio (free subscriber gift) that matches perfectly with the I Heart You Retro Living Room collection I previously blogged.  Some other items used in the gazebo are Alouette Cupid’s Arrow (past group gift), What Next Tivona Tree Lanterns, and Free Bird Love Neon Sign (free subscriber gift).  I hope you enjoyed the romantic garden gazebo and have a wonderful passionate Valentine’s Day!

Taxi to Aphrodite Shop Valentine Market please…

Aphrodite Shop- Piano & Dessert Table

Aphrodite Shop-Dessert Table #1

Aphrodite Shop-Buffet Table

Aphrodite Shop-Dessert Table #2

Aphrodite Shop-Garden Set

Aphrodite Shop-Garden Set, close -up

They landed in my backyard…

Color in Galaxy

Hi, My name is Niki and Gloria Silverstone has graciously allowed me post on her blog, as a guest blogger.

Gloria and I are best friends in real life and have collaborated on numerous art projects.  My background is in art and interior design.  I’ve been in Second Life for a number of years and never enjoyed my experience until recently, when I discovered interior design.  This is due in large part to Gloria who attacked SL with zeal, taking a raw avatar to model status in 6 months.

LR Overall

Gloria fell in love with the Centauri Space Pod by Barnesworth Anubis (from the February Collabor88).  As you probably know, C88 is impossible to get into in the first weeks.  Because I was the first arrival, I immediately purchased the space pod for Glory and a few other items that might work..  I rezzed it on our property and walked the space several times.  It was huge and needed to be resized.  The Space Pod didn’t speak to me at first; it sat empty in the front yard.   I took out everything and anything I could find from my inventory, so I could make this pod a home.  The items laid stagnate.   I ran back to C88 and purchased everything that might work.  Rezzed it and had a light bulb moment.  Gloria always says when she styles an outfit, “I need to know who that girl is and where is she going.”  I needed to know for this build, who were the owners and what is their story.


Introducing to you Robbie & Roxy, owners of the space pod.  Roxy is a conversationalist, journalist and thinker.  She needs a space to work, and a space to chat with her guests and friends.  Robbie is an engineer and explorer, and a typical man, checking up on everything all the time, hence his light bulb in hand.  The space pod is still a work in progress, I haven’t finished R&R’s bedroom, any ideas are appreciated.

Circle Chairs

I particularly love LTD Magazine’s “Show Us your Cozy” feature because it speaks to me of comfort in a home.  Everywhere in this huge space pod, I created intimate areas for comfort, conversation and relaxation.  Please enjoy.

Roxy area & desk

Red moments, overview

Check Mate


Alien friends

Close up of planets, yellow