…and all that Jazz!

Prime - Gatsby club chairs, bed, anbd room decorHave you dreamt of being transported back in time to an era where gin was flowing in smoked filled rooms, with great jazz bands pouring into your soul.  Especially when dancing in moonlight and slipping champagne was forbidden!  Join me in the Jazz Era!

Gramaphone & Side Table

The Home Show opened on April 1, 2014 with over 50+ interior designers and builders creating new and exclusive releases for the month-long event.  This year the event will have entertainment including weekly movie nights featuring all the Harry Potter movies and musical guests.  For more information on the Home Show and to see the entertainment scheduled, please click here.

One of the exclusive designs showcased at The Home Show is the Gatsby Set by PRIME. Reven Rosca, creator of PRIME was influenced by the Roaring 20’s in her Art Deco inspired lounge and bedroom set.  Ms. Rosca used a bold graphic geometric pattern in the teal and black duvet cover on the brass bed (with 420+ animations).  She complemented the room with bright fuchsia, teal and black curvilinear Art Deco inspired piped armchairs, reminiscent of the French Art Deco club chairs with their wide arms and deep cozy seat.  Reven Rosca created 6 different patterned lounge chairs mixing and matching, blending prints, patterns, and colors.  This is a nod to the Roaring 20s Jazz Movement and characteristic of Art Deco style from the 1920’s though the 1950’s. 

art deco:

a style of decorative art developed originally in the 1920s with a revival in the 1960s, marked chiefly by geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, sharply defined outlines, often bold colors, and the use of synthetic materials, as plastics

Deco Bed w: fireplace

Prime Home Show overall #2

To transform the space to the Jazz Era, I furnished the room with PRIME Simply White Fireplace with bench (past release at The Collage, now available @ PRIME main store), LTD Group Gift Cushion Pillows, Floorplan Nostalgic Chandelier (gold) and Apple Falls Nouveau Screen/Fan Palms/Porthole Mirror’s (new release @ The Garden).  Utilizing Art Deco posters from the era helps to set the tone of the space, and appointments such as the Second Spaces Poker game, LTD Digital  Gramophone, Mustard Seed Decorative Dog, and Champagne on Ice completes the space.

Landmark to The Home Show: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farrington%20Heights/125/123/31

Landmark to PRIME Main Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PRIME%20II/37/215/26

Club chairs, bed & dog

Club Chairs, Side Table w: dog

Art Deco:

Art Deco (/ˌɑrt ˈdɛk/), or Deco, is an influential visual arts design style which first appeared in France after World War I, flourishing internationally in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s before its popularity waned after World War II.[1] It is an eclectic style that combines traditional craftmotifs with Machine Age imagery and materials. The style is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation.

Deco emerged from the Interwar period when rapid industrialization was transforming culture. One of its major attributes is an embrace of technology. This distinguishes Deco from the organicmotifs favored by its predecessor Art Nouveau.

Historian Bevis Hillier defined Art Deco as “an assertively modern style [that] ran to symmetry rather than asymmetry, and to the rectilinear rather than the curvilinear; it responded to the demands of the machine and of new material [and] the requirements of mass production”.[2]

During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress.



The Collage | Deco Living Space

PRIME is offering an Art Deco inspired Living Room set at The Collage.  Art Deco is a style that first appeared in France after WWI that combines craft and Machine Age imagery and materials.  It is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation.  The Imperial Set includes a claret velvet geometric print love seat and armchair, cherry wood coffee table, side table, claret rug, Tiffany lamps, and assorted decor.  There is also a spring window with curtains that transition perfectly into spring.  The Collage is a monthly home and garden shopping event lasting for two weeks, starting the 23rd each month.  Taxi please…

Prime - Imperial LR group

Prime - Endtable, Lamp, wine bottle

Prime = Living Room set

Imperial Set with Spring Window Panel:

Prime - window option

Prime - window option w:couch

Ready, set, pose!

A few photo contests ended this evening, Thursday, February 28, 2013.  I wanted to share my entries with you for the Angel of Angel Dessous, coldLogic Anniversary Celebration Poster contest and I “Love New York City” hunt Sweepstakes.

The Angel of Angel Dessous monthly contest theme was Valentine.  Angel Dessous is searching for the next face of AD 2014 and is hosting a monthly contest that has different theme every month.  The top five monthly contestants will receive a 1000L GC and their photo displayed at the store as well as on the website.  There were a number of wonderful entries this month and I wanted to portray cupid magical powers.  I used a black box Wednesday special, Scarlet lingerie, and paired it with red wings and a cupid bow & arrow.  I also added a fabulous hat from Vita Boudoir and was covered in kisses tattoo. The photo was taken at a magical sim, the Beguiled Art Gallery, and my targeted couple for love was in plain sight….once hit with the bow they were Love Struck!

Angel of Angel Dessous Feb 2013, Gloria Silverstone Angel of Angel Dessous Feb 2013=close-up, Gloria Silverstone

The coldLogic Anniversary Celebration Poster contest grand prize winner will receive all new releases until February 1, 2014.  For my entry, I paired the coldLogic anniversary mesh dress in black & white, and used a vintage rose sweater as a pull over (free item at the sample sale room @NYC).  To highlight spring, I wore suede boots and handbag in dusty pink, and a beaded floral fascinator.  I wanted to capture a college girl who planned a weekend trip to the big city for museum and shopping.

ColdLogic Poster Contest, Gloria Silverstone ColdLogic Poster Contest #2, Gloria Silverstone

The I “Love New York” City hunt sweepstakes grand prize is a 2 week stay in a posh New York City Loft.  The object of the contest is to feature hunt items from the Golden Heart hunt.  The Golden Heart hunt had 14 hearts hidden around the sim (14L for 14 days between 2/15 – 2/28).  I was not able to find all the hunt items but I think the gifts will remain hidden because I was able to find someGolden Apples from the December hunt.  The New York City sim is very realistic with tons of areas to use for photo backdrops, new stores to explore, and a sample sale room with exclusive items.

Gloria wakes in her NYC loft and enjoys a cup of morning joe while wearing the red nightie and slippers from Apple May (hunt gifts).

Red Nightie in the morning, Gloria Silverstone

Excited to explore the city, Gloria slips into the Beusy sweater dress (hunt gift) and pairs it with Chop Zuey Pretty Kitty jewelry set, Ploom dipped blond buns,B!asta lavender belt, and The Apple canvas bag (hunt gift). The wonder and joy of the city takes over and Gloria hops on the swings, slides down the slide and sight-sees by the pier.

Sweater dress on swing set, Gloria Silverstone Sightseeing on the pier, Gloria Silverstone

Wanting to tour more of NYC, Gloria changes into the Horns & Halos whimsical Minnie Mouse crop top (hunt gift), Purple Moon red skinny jeans, and heads for the subway.   Next stop MoMA!

Subway exit, Gloria Silverstone Park bench Minnie & Me, Gloria Silverstone

An afternoon exploring and sightseeing in New York City, leads Gloria back to the mission at hand, shopping and gallery visits. Spotting the LOVE sculpture from Robert Indiana, Gloria flies high above the city with her heart balloons while donning the {le fil casse} Queen of hearts pink dress (hunt gift), PM Mara suede boots in Old Pink and Frozen Dew jewelry set in Pink.  I also wore the Pididdleceramic floral fascintaor from the Golden Apple hunt that completes the look.  Dinner is next on the agenda.

Love & Balloons, Gloria Silverstone Hearts dress on bench, Gloria Silverstone

As evening draws near, Gloria changes into the Paper Doll simple and sexy LBD (hunt gift), paired with {{{BSD Design Studio}}} Art Deco necklace (hunt gift), PM red sunglasses, and Pididdle beaded fascinator. I had a wonderful weekend getaway with fun shopping trips, exploring new sims and a great hunt that I highly suggest you partake in. Good luck!

Black Dress with necklace Close-up of necklace