Last Breath of Summer!

First, thank you all for attending my East Meets West Open House.  I had wonderful feedback!  For all of those who missed it, good news I’ve extended the open house until Sunday, Sept 6th (closes at 3pm SLT).  So stop by and enjoy the last breath of summer.


East vs. West Open House Sign Bigger Extended

I also wanted to share with you another discounted offering from Perfect Ten, available until September 15, 2015. Dreamland Designs created the Minna Set (below), a vintage inspired soft blue chaise lounge, whitewash fireplace with accessories, cookies and milk tray, love wall unit and double birdcage decor.  I can image the collection in a ladies parlor or dressing room.  Curl up on the chaise and relax by the fireplace on those autumn chilly nights. The Minna set is a must have, plus did I mention all items are sold separately and it’s on sale for 50% off!

Taxi to Perfect Ten please…

Dreamland Designs Minna Chaise Set Vintage

East Meets West Open House

East vs. West Open House Sign FramedI am so excited to share with you Interior & Spaces first open house for 2015!  Interior & Spaces Home Design is a residential and commercial full service design firm (interior & exterior) established in 2014 by myself and design partner in crime Niki Silverweb.  This year Niki’s workload increased and I took over the reigns as CEO and head designer.  With strategic marketing and phenomenal exposure due to my Avi Choice nomination, my client list and projects exploded.  It’s rare now that Niki & I have the opportunity to work on a sim build together.  We would be honored to invite you to our East Meets West Open House from September 1st-4th!


Bali Ha'i Full ExteriorBali Ha'i VerandaBali Ha'i EntryBali Ha'i TablescapesBali Ha'i Living RoomBali Ha'i Bedroom OverviewBali Ha'i BedBali Ha'i BathroomNiki designed a striking luxurious Balinese tropical oasis fully submerged within the environment and raised it up on stilts with the sound of crashing waves in the distance.  The Trompe Loeil Seaside Cottage is a wooden clapboard one room structure with broad overhangs and open veranda.  For the sim build Niki added mature palm trees and rock walls to enclose the space.  The veranda welcomes the visitor to a gorgeous home with multiple seating around the fire pit, views of the ocean and mountain region, and umbrella drinks ready at the bar.  The one room cabana is divided into three separate areas: living room, dining room and bedroom suite.  The interior of this sophisticated, well-appointed home is contemporary with a strong color palette of aqua, orange, lime and kahului in the living room reflecting island living at it’s best with vaulted ceilings and fans.  Feast your eyes on all the tempting array of delicious delights presented before you on the buffet bar and dining table.  Moving from the main quarters we enter a serene bedroom suite in a neutral palette of white linen and carved wood furnishings.  In the bathroom area is a modern deep soaker tub.  Potted tropical plants and flowers accessorize the cabana.  Niki wanted to highlight Balinese decor with the guiding principles of nature, open areas, light and tropical luxury.

Red, White & Blue Beach HutsAmericana Beach HutLunar Seasonal Design Animated SeagullLemonade Beach HutLemonade Hut- DeckFiesta Front DeckBedroom Patio DoorOn the other side of the beach sim are three shacks all with different themes: Americana, Nautical and 80’s Neon Miami.  These beach shacks are typical of California coastal living, small interiors with large porches and back decks.  The Americana hut is decked out in Red, White & Blue, ready to celebrate with BBQ, picnic table and a smorgasbord of sweet treats.  Or maybe you prefer sipping lemonade and watching the sun set, then the Nautical hut is for you.  Complete with a bar, chill zone and tons of spots to relax.  Grab your Ray-Bans and acid-washed jeans, head over to the 80’s neon Miami hut for all your Fiesta Forever dreams.  This hut was designed with a colorful bedroom, party deck and watermelon themed front porch.  I enjoyed creating these three different spaces and there’s something for everyone, so head over and check them out!

Top 10 in 2014!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…. Happy New Year!  Yay, I can’t wait till the hand strikes midnight.  I’ll be so happy for a new year to usher in and explore new opportunities.  I’ve always loved ending the year by reflecting on the old year in review.  It encapsulates milestones we forgot, people who passed on and world events that shape our future.

In 2014, I expanded Hidden Gems in Second Life to include the world of interior design, blending my love for style, fashion and art.  This year, I added personal stories and references to my great home state of California, showcasing the diverse architectural styles.  I brought you a variety of interiors from farmhouse to retro, shabby to Victorian, nautical to Alpine, and almost every Christmas decor.  In addition, I’ve offered you Western, Renaissance, Moroccan, 20s, log cabin, houseboat living and space travel.  We camped with the gypsies, played with the fairies, and ate every sweet treat in town.  We went back in time to Annie’s dress boutique complete with a tailor’s room and community park.  We dirtied our hands in the good earth to grow flowers and veggies, and rested to enjoy our accomplishments.  We celebrated every American holiday from Valentine Day, to Easter, to 4th of July, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving. We even had a wedding anniversary!  Our passport books were filled with stamps from across the globe and memories were made.  I hope you enjoyed our journey and look forward to more!

To summarize 2014, Niki Silverweb (design partner & blog contributor) and I selected our top 10 blog posts.  Let me know if your favorite missing!

Niki Silverweb’s Favs:

1). Delicious Delights & Shop ’till you Drop!

Candy shop main counter

Delicious Delights:  The sweet shop is incredible.  You paired cakes, cookies, and teddy bears for each and every holiday.  I loved Dr. Who and adored the baby’s first birthday circus cake; what child of any age wouldn’t be thrill by walking into the sweet shop!  It is a perfect place to meet & greet your friends for a soda, or beau for a sundae.  The gazebo outside with ocean views was just the icing on the cake!

Haute Couture Dress BoutiqueShop ’till you Drop:  Glory wow, wow, wow and triple Wow!  You knocked me out on this design.  You stole my shoes and handbags, but you put them together so beautifully, I can’t be anything but in awe of your talent.  What I love about this build is the incredible attention to detail and refinement including your signage, merchandising, and styling.  You paired so many disparate designers and made them work together in a unique fashion seamlessly. Please give me back my butterfly shoes!

2). Holiday Open House Tour!

Entry Hall

By far & away I loved our last design the best, our Holiday homes.  It embodies everything I love in design: warmth, charm, and cheer.  As you land in the snow laden spot, Sassy, head sheep and her crew, the bunnies and the penguins are there to greet you.  Dotting the front area is a skating pond and a gazebo for relaxing.  Walk through the double doors into our elegant entry hall and a feast for your eyes begins.  Continue forward into our ‘Hall of Trees.’ Glory appointed the room with gorgeous trees from all the best designers in SL; it reminds me of a charity event we had a few years ago called the Festival of Trees.  Every design house and store created individual trees for auction and raffles.  It was a fantastic event!  Every imaginable tree was created from a tea-cup tree, to a stick tree, to a black tree.  I think Gloria recreated this in our beautiful home.

Turn to the right and it will lead you to the great room, elegant, yet down home charming. Grab a cup a hot cocoa, or malt cider, sit back and chat with friends.  Soon you will be called to dinner, the room just behind the Hall of Trees.  Oh what fun is this!  A mini choo-choo train with puffy smoke under a St. Lucia tree complete with red candles is the focal point of the room.  There is a children’s table and a grown-up table, stockings and presents for all! Laughter and cheer fill the halls, the kids are giggling, and the aroma of great food wafts through the dining room.

You have to take a peek into my master bedroom.  It exudes my style, white on white, cashmere and linen, huge crackling fireplace and my favorite friends, Gloria’s kitty Snowflake and my new kitten Twinkle.  Also present is Miss Snow Angel and Romeo (our adorable Teddies).

3). Nautical Chic!

Atlanic Beach House

Detail, detail, detail.  At first all you see is a beach house; surfing (yay!), sunning (yay!), and BBQ-ing (yay!).  Enter and we have all the luxuries of home, including a glorious dining table, family room, and spectacular living room.  I loved sleeping in the bedroom with the fresh crisp linens and woolen blankets, with reminders of salty sea captains and knot ties on the wall hangings.  It was so comfortable and warm on a cool summer evening.


4). Keep Calm & Call the Doctor

Dr Who Wedding Cake display

Totally cool.

Cake & Swan tables )outside w:Gloria)

Enchanting with romantic nods to Jane Austen, Emma and English gardens.

There are so many more fab interiors designs Gloria has created this year.  What I really appreciate about this designer is the depth and scope of Glory’s design ability and her fearless approach.  Gloria has done every style from shabby to chic, modern to Victorian, funky to down home, elegant to rustic.  Gloria has tackled all styles and made them her own.  I so admire this designer, I think she’s by far and away the best interior designer in Second Life!

Gloria Silverstone’s Favs:

Living Room

The nautical build was my first open house, first sim build, and first time the entire house was designed based on a theme with a color palette of navy and white with touches of red.  I was nervous to host an open house, convinced no one would show up and people wouldn’t like it. Wow, was I wrong.  I received the greatest feedback from friends, fellow interior designers, bloggers, designers and strangers that found me along their journey in SL.  It prompted me to host five other open houses and in 2015 look for more!


Honorable mention: Ravenshire Halloween Village
I really enjoyed creating the Ravenshire Halloween Village not only because I love the spooky holiday, but also it allowed me to showcase all my sponsors with six individually designed rooms and created the village courtyard with landscaping.

The Wolf Lair was one of my first adventures into interior design and it still stays with me today as a favorite.  I love its’ dark haunting feel using an unconventional structure of the snow-covered gazebo as the wolf’s cave.  In 2015, I would love to explore the creepy gothic mood created in the post.

Honorable Mention: Where Dreams are Made!
Garden Playhouse
Another great example of transforming an unconventional structure into a usable spot was the kids playhouse utilizing a garden shed.  Loved how the playhouse had a whimsical playful feel perfect for hosting tea with your teddy bears.

My first love is art and when I had the opportunity to blog for the FashionArt Fair I was able to share with you some of my favorite artists, providing a brief history and the SL fashion designer inspirations.  There were some great posts to choose from, but everything came together perfectly in the homage to Piet Mondrian.

Honorable Mention: Quiet Reflections
FFL, Wild Serenity Sequin gown - sunset
The reason I selected the Quiet Reflections blog was because I shared with you a little more about my background.  For the last two years, I’ve been struggling to break down some of my walls while still engaging the audience, and I think in 2014 I had a break through by adding personal stories.  More to come.

Lion Wall Art - Daker
I’ve had a few nicknames in SL, the ‘shabby chic queen’ and ‘bedroom eyes,’ and looking back I know how I got them.  I’ve designed a number of bedrooms and my all time favorite is the African Queen.  I love the mood of the room, it transports me to the dark continent without any jet lag.  Just between you and me, I designed this bedroom with my design partner and best friend Niki in mind.  She’s the animal print girl of the group and has taught me everything I know about interior design.  Hope you loved it Niki as much as I loved styling it!

Honorable mention: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

I’m really proud of the houseboat build, its uniquely coastal living and another chance to highlight my point of view.  To create a private bedroom haven in the large open houseboat, I divided the space with double drapes and hung fish netting from the walls and ceiling creating the under the sea vibe.  I think it turned out great!

Side Porch View Framed
They say in life it’s all about timing and it couldn’t be more true.  I selected the Bask in the Glow of Autumn post because it was the first blog I published after I returned to SL.  As most of my loyal readers know, I needed a break after some horrible people I encountered made me creatively and mentally drained.  It seemed appropriate that the blog was honoring the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday because I can count myself lucky for three ladies, Niki, Ayla & Morgan, who helped me through a dark time.  I also love the calm and peaceful mood created on the veranda and the layers of multiple resting areas.

Honorable mention: A Stately Manor
Louis Chairs & Table
Well, as you know by now I’m a bit fearless when it comes to styles.  I’m always willing to try something once and wholeheartedly believe that the only way to grow as an artist is to challenge yourself, that’s why I created the monthly ? room feature.  I have observed that some interior stylists have a niche, stay in their box and never evolve; the one thing I don’t want anyone to say about me is she’s not original.

I had the opportunity to explore 17th century French mansion living with Spargel & Shines Homes Maison d’Ete build.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I designed, landscaped and photographed the build at a sandbox in six hours.  I ran out of prims on our parcels and was literally under a deadline, so if for no other reason A Stately Manor post deserves an honorable mention, but also because I challenged myself to tackle the 17th century and I did!

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 list and let me know what interior style you want to see in 2015. I have a few ideas about a new feature brewing.  Wishing & hoping that all your dreams come true in the New Year!

Holiday Open House Tour!

Holiday Home Front

Happy Holidays!  I hope you had a wonderful celebration and were surrounded by love, laughter, family and friends.  We, at Hidden Gems in Second Life, wish you a wonderful New Year!

Entry Hall

My design partner, Niki Silverweb and I are opening the doors to our personal homes for the last Interior & Spaces Open House of 2014 from December 30, 2014 to January 6, 2015 (SLT midnight).  We created two charming holiday homes that showcase some of the fabulous Christmas tree designs and holiday decor offered on Second Life.  We were a little late this year because we both ended up with the flu, but we wanted to take this opportunity to invite you on a self-guided tour to enjoy our take on this festive season.  It’s never too early to plan for holiday 2015!

Master Bedroom Suite

Our main home is the Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown house which features a master bedroom suite, dazzling entry hall reception area with mobile snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, a hall of trees inspired by real life traditions, a tartan plaid formal living room, and a fun-filled family dining room with kid’s table.  Nestled in the hillside forest is our guest quarters also designed by Scarlet Creative.  The Princess Jezibell Snug is a two-story cabin with a rustic eclectic vibe complete with a downstairs great room and an upstairs bedroom retreat with sleeping area for four or more.

We brought the holiday entertainment outside with hillside sledding, skating, hiking and a quiet spot among the hanging lanterns in the Barnesworth Anubis Filigree gazebo.  While exploring the great outdoors, you will encounter sheep, rabbits, deer, weasels, and penguins dotting the property.  We hope you enjoy the open houses and are inspired by our vision!

Landmark for main holiday home:

Landmark for rustic cabin (follow the stars):


Master Bedroom

Bedroom Fireplace

Bedroom View from bed

Reading Nook

Hall Table Decor

Entry Hall

Entry Hall Side Table Collage

Dining Room

Overview of DR

Dining Room

DR Fireplace

DR Tree

DR Kids Table

Hall of Trees

Hall of Trees #2

Hall of Trees (view of LR)

View of Hall of Trees from LR

Living Room

Living Room Main Tree

Living Room Sweet Tables

LR Secretary Desk

LR Sweet Treat Corner w:Angel QuiltOutdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor Main House Skating Pond

Outdoor Decor Main House Front Door

Outdoor Snowman Main House

Outdoor Decor Main House Gazebo

Rustic Cabin

Cabin Front

Great Room

Cabin Living Room Fireplace

Cabin LR


Cabin Great Room Kitchen Stove close-up

Cabin Breakfast bar

Cabin Kitchen Sink

Cabin Kitchen sink left

Cabin Kitchen sink right

Bedroom Loft

Cabin Bedroom

Cabin Bedroom 2

Main House

Scarlet Creative, Lavender Brown House

Outside Decor: Park Place Holiday Green Candy Cane Wreath, Potomac Signature Homes Skating Rink, Barnesworth Anubis Filigree Snow Covered Gazebo, What Next Lanterns, DIGS Bench, Half Deer Star Lighted Path, Potomac Signature Homes Snowman with sled, The Mustard Seed Winter Animals & Ferns, D Lab Sheep, Isphachi Penguins, Finishing Touches Red Tree on Pedestal Urns, Finishing Touches Snowman w/tree

Entry Hall: 

  • Duo Green Trres: Kismet, Snowflake Tree ‘K’ undecorated
  • Hanging Snowflakes: Plethora, Counting Snowflakes
  • Sofa: Scarlet Creative, Lucky 8
  • Round White Table: Apple Fall, Charlotte
  • Peace Sign: Trompe Loeil (2014 Advent Calendar)
  • Table Top Tree: Sickly Sweet, Small Christmas Tree (N)
  • Side Console Tables: The Loft, Bacall White Desk
  • Pewter Trees: Mudhoney, Metal Tree Topiary
  • Wreaths: Finishing Touches, Red Balls Double Wreaths
  • Trio Snow globes: Finishing Touches, Winter Fantasy Sleigh Ride Snow Globe
  • Mason Jar Snow Globe & Sleigh Card Holder: Park Place

Hall of Trees: 

  • Color Tree: Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shop, Christmas Family Tree
  • Dove Tree: Stonewood Interiors, POE Christmas Tree
  • White Tree: Potomac Signature Homes, Snowy Spruce (Holiday Lane Collection)
  • Gingerbread Tree: Follow Us, Sugar Gingerbreadman Tree
  • Upstairs reading Nook: Apple Fall Fairfax Sideboard, Half Deer Mini Winter Scenes (telephone & winter cabin), Cleo Designs Snowy Frames, Mini Tree *A*ChristmasTree2014 Gold, & Art Dummy, Cathedral Mirrors
  • White Wooden Wall Tree: Myrine


  • Chandelier: Apple Fall, Pearl Chandelier
  • Rug: Apple Fall, Fabrique
  • Bed & Side Tables: Apple Fall, Annan
  • Lamps: Apple Fall, Dolly
  • Armorie: Apple Fall, Plantation
  • Merry & Bright Sign: Floorplan
  • Dresser & Mirriors: Mudhoney, Zoe
  • Mini White Tree in Urn: Finishing Touches
  • Noel Snow Blocks: Myrine
  • Gingerbread House: Thaino Designs
  • Round White Side Table: Apple Fall, Charlotte
  • Bambi Figurine: Apple Fall (2014 Arcade)
  • Ornament Bowl: Dust Bunny
  • Mini White Twinkling Snow Tree: C&D designs (N)
  • Sofa & Armchair: Scarlet Creative, Lucky 8
  • Fireplace w/lights, Noel Sign & Framed Art: Apple Fall, Chateau
  • Fire log basket: Apple Fall
  • Mini White/Green Tree on fireplace: Callie Cline (N)
  • Victoria’s Dollhouse: Apple Fall
  • Side Armories: Apple Fall, Charlotte Cabinet
  • Wall Screens: Trompe Loeil, Ines Screen
  • Side Chairs: Apple Fall, Fairfax 
  • Design Books: Apple Fall
  • Christmas Tree w/deer with Presents: Sickly Sweet, White Gold & Silver Tree
  • Drapes: What Next, Madison

Dining Room:

  • Table & Chair Set w/stockings & placements: What Next, Laurel Christmas
  • Fireplace: Stonewood Interiors, POE Christmas Fireplace
  • Dreamscapes Art Gallery: Earth Wooden Blocks, White Wooden Trees, Forest Wall Trees, Candle Tray, Hatbox w/teddy bear, Red & White Reindeer, Noel Console Table, Ho Ho Ho Sign, Stick Tree, Presents, Stocking Hanger, It’s Beginning Sign, Card Holder, Sweet Treats Side Table, Frosted Ornament Tree (Kids Table), Hatbox Presents, Baby It’s Cold Sign, Twig Wreath & Advent Candle Display
  • Holiday Food Cart w/Turkey: Follow Us
  • Ornament Rug & Santa Lucia Tree: Dench Designs, POE 2013
  • Mini Choo-choo Train: *M&B* Luxus Designs (N)
  • Plaid Cubby Chair: What Next, Winter Cubby Chair
  • Kids Table & Chairs: Apple Fall, Pottery Dining Table & Chair Set
  • Snowflake Rug: Potomac Signature Homes, Holiday Lane Collection
  • Placemats & Table Settings: Thaino Designs
  • Wooden Tree Art: Free Bird
  • Snowman (Outside): DRD (Death Row Designs)

Living Room:

  • Thaino Designs: Rug, Sofa & Matching Chairs
  • Sweet Treat Chairs: StoraxTree, Royal Heritage Armchairs
  • Sweet Treat Table: Apple Fall, Pottery Dining Table
  • Sweet Treat Decor: Dreamscapes Art Gallery Candles, Finishing Touches Tabletop St. Lucia Tree, Apple Fall Christmas Pudding, Cherry Voulevants & Cookies
  • Wreath & Garland Fireplace Decor: Cozy Essentials
  • Nutcrackers: Convair, Nutcracker Soldier
  • Coffee & Side Table: DIGS, Etieene
  • Santa Tray: Follow Us
  • Mini Tree on Plate: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Secretary Desk & Decor: Second Spaces
  • Desk Chair: Apple Fall, Fusion Dining Chair
  • Fireplace Mantle Decor: Dreamscapes Art Gallery Candle Plate, Park Place Mason Jar Snow Globe & Words for All Signs
  • Noel Sign: Trompe Loeil (2013 Advent Calendar)
  • Reclaimed Armoires: Apple Fall, Annan
  • Wreath on Armoires: Park Place, Holiday Wreath with Pinecones 
  • Wreath over Armories: Finishing Touches, Pine Wreath Pine Cones & Lights & Christmas Packages
  • Main Tree: Finishing Touches, Trim-a-Tree Red w/presents & tree skirt
  • Blanket Basket: Mudhoney, Alex Blanket Basket
  • Drink Cart: Pilot, Bridges Bar Cart
  • Angel Wall Quit: Finishing Touches, Angels of Peace Quilted Wall Hanging
  • Gold Tree Card Holder: Sway’s, Noel Wire Christmas Tree Wall Photo Holder
  • Chandelier: Pilot, Gold Chandelier

Rustic Cabin

Scarlet Creative, Princess Jezibell Snug

Outside Decor: Serendipity Designs, Winterberry Christmas Sled & Park Place, Holiday Green Candy Cane Wreath

Great Room

Living Room:

  • Drapes: What Next
  • Sofa: Pilot, Lumberjack Red/Black
  • Armchair: Floorplan
  • Black Sled Table: ???
  • Santa Tray & Snow Globe: Follow Us
  • Black Trees: Follow Us
  • Sofa Lamp: DIGS
  • Suitcase Table: Dust Bunny
  • Brass Table Lamp: Theosophy
  • Ceiling Light: Pilot, Railroad Tie Chandelier

Reading Nook:

  • Armchair: What Next, Winter Plaid Cubby Chair
  • Sled Shelf: Isphachi
  • Suitcase Table: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Candle Plate: Olive
  • Moose Head Card Holder: Finishing Touches
  • Ladder Lights: Junk
  • Black Cutout Tree: Balaclava
  • Red Lite X-mas Sign: Follow Us
  • Ceiling Lights: Apple Fall, Strung Branch Pendant Light
  • Fireplace: Finishing Touches, Stone & Oak (Tree of Life collection)
  • Log Basket: Hideki
  • Stockings: Follow Us
  • Notes to Santa: Consignment
  • Happy Holiday Red Frame: Floorplan
  • Moose Head: Serendipity Designs
  • Red Sled: Trompe Loeil, Let It Snow Decorative Sled (2013 Advent Calendar #10)


  • Refrigerator: Dutchie 1930’s
  • Candle Tree: Trompe Loeil, Tree Candleholder
  • Porcelain Deer Heads: Dust Bunny
  • Sink Unit: Cheeky Pea, Yukon Kitchen
  • Sink Decor: Food Follow Us, 8f8 Milk Bottles & Isphachi Musical Snow Globe
  • Stove: Apple Fall
  • Stove Decor: Dust Bunny Kettle & Mittens, Chez Moi Xmas Kitchen Shelf
  • Holiday Chalk Board: Frogstar
  • Breakfast Bar: Brixley Black Console Table, Theosophy Garvagh II Stool (Crow), Chez Moi Xmas Snack Placements & Follow Us Plum Pudding
  • Trophy Wall: Vespertine Faux Trophy, Dust Bunny (Ivory & Coal), & Vita Boudoir Rudolph Trophy

Bedroom Loft:

  • Beds: Vespertine
  • Couch: LISP
  • Sled w/Presents: Follow Us
  • Lights Above Windows: Second Spaces
  • Rugs: White Fur & Tarte, Snow White Rug
  • Winter White Tree: Trompe Loeil
  • Twig Stars: Tarte
  • Wood Stove: Sway’s
  • Porcelain Deer Heads: Dust Bunny
  • Window Seat w/logs: Second Spaces
  • Grey Sled Coffee Table: Vespertine
  • Santa Tray: Follow Us
  • Telescope: Theosophy
  • White pouf: Soy
  • Trees: Botanical, Reclaimed Barn Wood Tree & Industrial Ladder Tree, Trompe Loeil Funky Gold Tree
  • Ceiling Light: Theosophy, Ceredigion Chandelier
  • White Linen Cabinet: Second Spaces {side wall not shown}
  • Matchstick Ladder: Soy {side wall not shown}
  • Cheers Sign: Floorplan {side wall not shown}

Open House | Sugar Rush

UPDATE: Extended Dates for the Sweet Treat Open House

Sweet Treat Sign- Open House Sign 10:16 -10:19

NOW open from Thursday, October 16 to Sunday, October 19, 2014


Open house for 2 days only, 10/16-10/17, to showcase The Candy Fair item used in Glory’s Sweet Treat shop.  Grab that special someone, just yourself, or your teddy and head on over to Glory’s Sweet Treat Shop.  Stop by, sample some candy, enjoy a spot of tea, relax in the sweet garden gazebo, have fun and delight in a fat-free experience!

Taxi please: