Happy New Year!  As I reflect on 2015 one word springs to mind, expansion!  When I started blogging in late 2012 it served a dual purpose; a creative escape and a personal challenge to hone my first-world skills of marketing, public relations and business development on a virtual reality platform.  Looking back, I can clearly see this was my inception stage for the Hidden Gems/Gloria Silverstone brand.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, in 2012 I was planning on returning to grad school to pursue a MBA in marketing.  However, in the back of my mind, I thought it might be a bonus if I created a business and thoroughly understood the business life cycle.  So, as my blog point of view transitioned from fashion, contests and music, to interior design, I moved into the exploration stage.

Framed Hidden Gems Logo2014 was filled with exciting first time adventures from new home & garden sponsors, tons of event blogging, and an interesting proposal… decorate a friend’s home.  I finally had THE idea to form a business.  In the spring of 2014, Interior & Spaces Home Design was born.  The new challenge was establishing name recognition and acquiring new clients.  A problem solver at heart, I quickly came up with a solution and hosted numerous open houses, showcasing different styles and started a new blog feature, The ? Room, spotlighting theme rooms based on current trends.  As a Silicon Valley techie, I worked the social networks and gained followers & readers.  Finally, to further position myself as an interior design blogger, I exclusively represented H&G events, discovered emerging 3-D merchants and contributed to leading Second Life publications….the evolvation stage was complete.

In 2015, I vowed to cut back on blogging and focus on Interior & Spaces Design business development.  And, I did.  But to my great surprise, I was nominated as favorite interior designer, home and garden blogger from my peers with the highly regarded Avi Choice Awards.  Establishing name & brand recognition check!  Soon after the nomination, I was asked to guest blog for first-world design companies, further leading to brand development.  Expansion into the commercial sector was next on my list and fortunately my company, Interiors & Spaces, was hired to design My Light Fashion Agency (& in late December BOSL).  As the summer rolled around, I was itching for water and rented a beach parcel.  Memories of past travels and dreams of future adventures led to my only open house of 2015 featuring three beach shacks, all designed in different themes and one large Bali Ha’i getaway.  (Note to self, host more house tours this year).  The later half of 2015 was filled with charity event blogging for notable organizations (American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and World Food Program) and this is truly one of my favorite parts of the VR gaming community, to come together and support each other.  With a career background ranging from corporate to community event planning, I’m pleased when I can utilized my professional experience for a good cause.

My Light Fashion AgencyAs 2015 has come to a close, I’m proud of my business growth, the partnerships I’ve made, and my entrepreneurial spirit!  In 2016, I look forward to thriving business opportunities, steering a flourishing company to greater success and exciting innovative technology to make VR a more immersive experience.

Top 5 in 2015:

1). With Deepest Gratitude

Avi Choice SLIfe Award 2015

2). 6 Essentials for the perfect night sleep

Autumn Glow

3). Interior & Spaces Styles BOSL!

BOSL Winter Landscape

4). East Meets West Open House

Bali Ha'i Full Exterior

5). Act today to change tomorrow!

Team Diabetes_Connie's Set

Interior & Spaces Styles BOSL!

BOSL Traditional Xmas

Traditional Christmas (section #1)

Greetings fellow interior designers, Second Life residents and friends!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  Big congrats to Hidden Gems for its’ 3rd year anniversary.  I’ve been bursting at the seems to share some exciting news with you, my interior design company, Interior & Spaces Home Designs, was hired to design four areas on The Best of SL sim for the BOSL’s Holiday Lyric Hunt (December 13th-31st).  BOSL is the premier fashion agency, magazine and shopping district as well as the organizers of the Miss Virtual World Academy, MVW and Mr. Virtual World Pageant.   I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to expand my business from residential home consultation to sim builds for fashion agencies.  The Holiday Lyric Hunt is taking place in four sectors of the shopping district offering male/female/unisex and home decor gifts.  I designed four theme scenes: traditional Christmas (section #1), silly snowmen (section #2), winter landscape (section #3) and modern holiday glam (section #4) using products from Sway’s, What Next, Finishing Touches, Park Place Home Decor, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, The Mustard Seed, Potomac Signature Homes, Chez Moi, Vespertine, The Loft, Convair, Baclava, Trompe Loeil and Silvery K.  Please stop by the different locations to check them out and feel free to contact me for exact product information or design consultation at  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

BOSL Snowman Overview

Silly Snowmen (section #2)

BOSL Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape (section #3)

BOSL Holiday Glam

Modern Holiday Glam (section #4)

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With Deepest Gratitude

Avi Choice SLIfe Award 2015Happy first week of Summer!  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who nominated and voted for Hidden Gems in Second Life as your favorite Home & Garden Blog for the Avi Choice SLife Awards 2015.  A very special thank you to Nikki Mathieson and the Avi Choice organization who highlight and encourage the artistic talents of Second Life residents.  Congrats to all the nominees and winners.  It truly was an honor to be included with some well-regarded publications and bloggers.  Despite the fact I was not selected as the resident choice, I’m humbled by your continued support.  As I think back to last spring when I expanded my blog to include the radiant world of interior design, I’m overjoyed with my evolution, the inspirational creators I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and the diversity of style I’ve produced.

Wow, what a year 2015 has been (& it’s only June)!  Not only have I been honored with the Avi Choice nomination, I’ve had the great joy merchandising for first life brands.  Merging the SL virtual reality platform with RL companies as a marketing tool has been my goal. Growing my interior design business, Interior & Spaces was also on my agenda.  I’m currently working on an extraordinary project that’s absolutely different from anything I’ve done before.  I can’t wait to share it with you. 😀 And finally, I look forward to hosting more open house tours this summer.  In closing, thank you again for your encouragement.  Have a wonderful summer!

6 Essentials for the perfect night sleep

Parachute Logo

I was inspired by the sleepy heads at Parachute Home, a premium luxury bedding brand, to share what I adored about my bedroom.  Clearly, Parachute knows my love to design boudoirs and my infamous nickname ‘bedroom eyes.’  All kidding aside, as a virtual reality interior designer, I’m thrilled to work with a global real world brand and share my bedroom essential list designed to create the best (and most relaxing) nights sleep.

Parachute Limited Edition Duvet Cover Set

Parachute Home was founded by Ariel Kaye after her trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy.  When Ariel returned home to Los Angeles, she went in search of the “sumptuous sheets that were softer than anything she had ever experienced.” Guided on the belief “buying bedding should be as enjoyable as your best night of sleep,” Parachute is known for quality, using the finest Egyptian cotton and a natural dye process surpassing the highest safety and environmental protection standards.  Parachute luxury linens are manufactured in Tuscany by artisans whose craftsmanship is demonstrated through their attention to detail and impeccable workmanship.  Bedding is sold as a set, separates, or inserts with all natural down duvet comforters and 100% hypoallergenic down alternatives.  Comfort and thoughtful design details are the foundation of why Parachute is the premium quality bedding delivered to you at an accessible price.

Summer Dreamy

When I cuddled into bed last night I thought about what elements assisted in maximizing my sleep and comfort.  I compiled a list of six essentials every bedroom should have.

1). Structure: After all it’s the foundation for everything

If you select a padded headboard, or a four-poster bed, source a product that is well crafted and proportioned accordingly for your room and needs.  Do you recall in the 2000’s era when mega-mansions demanded furniture manufacturers design huge oversized items that dominated the bedroom space?  One needed a step-ladder to climb into bed!  Now space is limited and micro-housing is emerging as the new normal.   Purchase a bed frame that will last a lifetime and evolved with your every changing lifestyle.

Autumn Glow

2). Mattress: Dreamy nights start here

No one should spend up to $500 per night to experience the renowned Westin Heavenly Bed.  There are more and more mattress makers with exceptional quality at numerous price points.  According to the Sleep to Live Institute, a mattress should be replaced every 5-10 years, so keep in mind to rotate your mattress turning 180 degrees and flip it over, always using a bed frame with a center support.  I personally love a pillow top with an added foam topper insert and a dreamy mattress pad for that extra bit of relaxation.

Noir Bed Mattress (studio 3)

3). Goose Down Pillows: You can never have too many fluffy pillows

Yes, there are gimmicky pillow manufacturers that promise to relive back and neck aches, or stop snoring, but sleeping on hard foam doesn’t sound restful (or the least bit appealing).  I believe one should have at least 3 pillows; one king sized, one regular and one firm.  If you have a partner, they will also need 3, no one likes a bed hog or worst a pillow hog!  I sleep on Ralph Lauren Home Supreme Down & Feather Pillow with 50% white goose down feathers, 50% white duck feathers, and an Arctic Fresh fill eliminating odors.  I like very puffy pillows so I fluff my pillows in a no heat dryer every other day and replace them every year.


4). Percale Egyptian Cotton: Hello seasonal change

I prefer percale over sateen because I find it lasts longer, the color doesn’t fade in the wash and is durable.  Percale is cool to the feel and when you sink into bed, you know you’ve arrived to the comfort zone.  It’s a perfect luxury product and very few brands are offering real percale.  They are doing thread count as a marketing device, which has nothing to do with quality of the sheets.  I fell into that thread count hype and was so disappointed when my new 1000 count sheets were in no way comparable to my percale sheets.  My advice is to buy percale while it is still available.

I love to change my bedding with the seasons using an airy crisp white duvet set for the warm summer months and heavier black velvet comforter for the chilly winter nights.  Autumn brings a glow into the BR, with a copper sateen duvet with flocked velvet leaves.  It is lightweight for the Indian summers, and a good transition into fall.  My sheets are always dynamic with either a print or stripe pattern, I love the surprise of pulling back the covers, smiling, and dreaming of new adventures.  To say the least, I don’t own a set of boring plain white sheets, why be boring when you crawl into your haven.  Don’t be timid to mix it up and throw navy with white, beige with cream, black on black, dots on stripes.  It’s your retreat, so be your own best adventurer and make the space yours.

Summer Sheet Pic

5).  Drawers/Bachelorette Chest: A modern twist on tradition

Mix it up and select a bachelorette drawer chest as an alternative to the traditional night stand.  The surface top is larger, holding more essentials I may need that evening, and the drawers conceal necessary, but unattractive items.  My top drawer contains my phone, tablet and chargers, as well as prescriptions and personal items I may want within fingers reach.  The bottom drawer is for extra storage for a cashmere throw, heating pad, etc.  Years ago, when I purchased my current bedroom furniture, the bedside night stand had a glass top, open shelf and 2 drawers.  The salesperson called it a Bachelorette Chest and I guess the name stuck.  The open shelf option on my bedside table is perfect, I’ve tucked away a clock radio (back up to my phone and ipad…it takes a village to wake me lol) and some extra design magazines, gaining storage.

Close up Trunk

6). Declutter Table Top Space: Ready for sweet dreams

Finally my bedroom essential list is almost done, one last item every sleepy head needs; an empty table top space to place a reading lamp, carafe of water, picture frame, box of tissues, and magazines/good book.  I also like to have alarm clock in case your tablet or phone battery dies, flower arrangement, and in a small basket; sleep mask, cough drops, chap stick (personal fave of mine in the chilly months).  If your allergic to flowers, silk will do, or a graceful orchid.  Don’t forget to add your personality to the room incorporating treasures, mementos and keepsakes. Lastly, I like to hang a mirror behind the lamp, it makes the space feel larger.

Side Table

I hope some of my tips are helpful in creating the ideal dreamy sanctuary.  As a virtual reality interior designer and blogger, I’ve styled a 4 seasonal bedrooms emphasizing my 6 essentials needs.  An in-depth blog with style card will follow this post.  Thanks for taking the time to read my list and check out Parachute Homes linens.

Avi Choice Awards Nominations!

Avi Choice Awards Header

The dedicated Second Life residents behind the Avi Choice Awards recently changed the award categories separating fashion and music/art into a different award groups.  Yesterday, May 27, 2015, the nominations for the SLife Awards were announced. SLife categories include home & garden creators/stores/bloggers, texture/animations builders, wedding, breedables, gatcha, land companies/sims, roleplay and annual events.

My blog, was honored to be among the nominees in the Favorite Home/Furniture/SLife Blog or Website category.  It is truly an honor and I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the last two years. To the wonderful kind-hearted folks who nominated me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This is an incredible joyous surprise!

Avi Choice Awards SLife BlogWhen I initially started blogging in 2012, I wanted to serve as a resource to SL residents in diverse arenas from fashion, to contests, to freebies, and events.  The SL platform allows for a great wealth of creativity and imagination.  I explored and evolved to expand my attention to interior design.  With the good fortune of blogging for monthly home & garden events, I met emerging interior design creators.  Utilizing my marketing background, my blog point of view developed to showcase California interior design styles transformed into virtual reality.

My love of interior design grew and I challenged myself each month to create a theme room/space that would appeal to my readers.  I researched trends, styles and designs, and crafted storylines to inspire my followers to “Let’s Get Decorating!”  I continue to evolve and strengthen with the myriad of interiors I create.  Below are a few selections of my stylings.

Thank you for nominating me, I would appreciate your vote.

Trending: Boho Chic

Boho Overview

The end of smoky days… (Masculine Industrial)

Heart Homes | Paddy's Irish Pub Chess Set Lighter

Keep Calm & Call the Doctor (Fantasy)

Dr Who Wedding Cake display

His & Hers (Retro & Guys)

Palm Spring Kitchen

BR Window

Bump in the Night… (Victorian & Freebie)

Finishing Touches | Twisted Hunt Spring 2015

Delicious Delights (Commercial Build)

Candy Fair- Sweet Shop Framed

Dorm Style 101: Bright & Colorful

Postcard RnR

Ravenshire Halloween Village (Holiday Sim Build)


The Little Mermaid (Houseboat)

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

A Fall Cabin in the Woods (Seasonal)

Close up of table setting

The African Queen (Monthly Theme Room)

African Safari

African Safari

Nautical Chic! (Open House Tour)

Living Room

Living Room