Top 10 of 2013!

imagesHappy 2014!  Tomorrow kicks off a new year and a new direction.  I’ve always enjoyed the year in reviews from magazines, tv programs and news.  I find that some stuff I forgot about or rather wish to never be reminded of (ie: Miley Cyrus), but most of the time, I’ve somehow missed major events completely.  I find that looking back is a great way to move forward and reflect on the change over the year.  And, wow what changes I’ve had over this year.  Late last December, I started Hidden Gems in Second Life with no plan, or connections.  I saw a void in most Second Life blogs and hoped to serve as a resource on fashion, hunts, contests, men’s wear and interior design.  In the beginning, I focused heavily on hunts and slowly discovered shopping events and discount rooms.  As I become more and more comfortable with the medium, I disclosed pieces of myself and started to build a community of readers.  With the myriad of changing hair styles, skins, looks and some terrible fashion choices; you the reader commented, gave suggestions and we became friends.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to the journey in 2014!

Let’s start at the beginning
Face of Virtual Asia, round 5 contest: 1/22/13

Late December 2012, I won the FOVA round 4 and thought why not blog about it.  Quickly, I became obsessed and started blogging every day.

Focus on photo contest
Ready, Set, Pose!: 2/28/13

Finding information on modeling contests was the main reason I started Hidden Gems in Second Life.  For the life of me, no mater how long I researched, googled, read blogs, I could never find any updated info on photo contests, castings or modeling opportunities.  The 2/28/13 Ready, Set, Pose post I liked the best because of the diversity of contests and looks.  I actually I won the I “Love New York” City sweepstakes but never took advantage of the free 2-week stay in NYC.  Hmmm, winter in New York sounds romantic….

Honors and Awards
Huge Honor: I’m Moolto Model of the Month!!!!!!!: 3/4/13

In March, Maxes Loon of Moolto named me Face of the Month.  This was my first honor and I was so excited.  Other awards followed including being nominated as a Favorite Model for the Avi Choice Awards.  During the spring, I highlighted a number of hunts and made some rather interesting styling choices, but that is what’s wonderful about looking back (she says as she quickly deleted all blue lipstick from her inventory).

Life in the Fast Lane: 6/13/13

Boys/menswear blogs & hunts: 5/19/13, 6/13/13 & 8/7/13 (liked best 6/13 & maybe 8/7/13)

During my travels, I noticed I couldn’t find male bloggers who concentrated on reasonable or free male gifts, so I made a male alt, Grant Richmond and blogged away.  I have a couple of menswear blogs I’m proud of, but the 6/13/13 Life in the Fast Line post showcased Moolto hunts items with attitude.

Avenue Magazine July issue- Liv Glam, Glam Girls: 7/21/13

In June, I competed in the first Liv Glam Glam Girls contest and to my surprise I won the Business category.  In the December finale, I placed in the top 6.  This honor will always hold a special place in my heart.  In my 8/3/13 post, I finally shared a piece of the Real Me and my photo was featured in ModeLS Magazine.

Shopping Events & Discount Rooms
New York State of Mind….: 7/28/13

As I explored more treasures on the grid, I found Collabor88, The Dressing Room, Belleza Best Buys, The Attic, SL fashion Week and other such events.

My First Sponsor
Boat & Bikini Expo Part 2: Chaos at the French Rivera!: 7/26/13 

Unlike most SL fashion bloggers I don’t have five hundred sponsors because honestly I’m selective and don’t have the time to blog everything on the grid.  I never ask for “blogger packs” (ie free stuff) and don’t submit my application for every event on the grid.  When I was contacted by Cortez Brandriss to blog the Boats & Bikini Expo, I thought how fun!  And it was fun, not only did I model tons of bikinis, but got some cute beach decor pieces for my summer cottage.

Another great surprise was being asked by CloClo Seljan to join the PumpkinTown 2013 team of bloggers.  As most of you know I’m crazy for Halloween, hunts and bargains so this perfect combo was presented in the 10/22/13 Quest for the Crystal Skulls blog.

Liv Glam
Liv Glam Events of the Week: 10/15/13

Samantha S. Jones asked me in late September to be an official blogger for Liv Glam!  YAY for me!!!  I created “Deals of the Week” highlighting all the Liv Glam & KCollection offerings for Secret Wednesday, 55L Thursday, Fi*Friday, 60L Weekend, Super Saver Weekend and Steals & Deals.

Charity Events
Stand Up, Speak Up & Bid High: 11/22/13

I was very honored to join some esteemed models and friends for the 2Lei fundraising event to Eliminate Violence Against women.  What a great day and huge success… tons of money was raised (over 470,000L) and love prevailed all around!  Another great event I was pleased to be a part of was the Relay for Life Christmas Expo 2013.  Not only was I an official blogger  but I attended a number of charity events including Holiday of Hope Ball and Avi Choice Awards.

Interior Design
Happy Thanksgiving!: 11/27/13

My love for interior design was taken to a new level this year.  I moved 7 times this year and changed my interior to include everything from modern, beach, shabby chic, zen, Asian, traditional, and rustic.  My inventory expanded greatly and I try not to pass up any hunts or sales on home decor.  Next year, I’m expanding my blog to include tons more interior designs and homes.


Gloria Silverstone, Happy 2014!

  • Gown: Leri Miles Designs, Caroline Gown (Peace On Earth Hunt Gift)
  • Jewelry: Chop Zuey, The Lazy Mist Set (POE Hunt Gift)
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley Pale Xmas Gift Red (Christmas Group Gift)
  • Hair: Truth, Fernanda (Truth Group Gift)
  • Tree: LAQ Decor, Christmas Tree Silver

BOUDOIR Photo Contest Christmas 2013!

Logo Boudoir

B O U D O I R  Photo Contest Christmas 2013!
We need a new fabulous Christmassy cover photo for our Facebook page!!
Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.


1st place: L$5000 Boudoir gift card
2nd place: L$3000 Boudoir gift card
3rd place: L$1000 Boudoir gift card


Contest Rules:
– All photographs must be taken wearing one or more CHRISTMAS Boudoir outfits and accessory!
– You may submit max three photos, SIZE IS DEFINED to 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.
– Photo manipulations allowed, play with your photo as much as you like!
– These photos must be posted to Boudoir’s flickr group pool:

– All contest submissions must be named:
Your Name – B O U D O I R Photo Contest Christmas 2013
So for example, my entry would be titled “Vitabela Dubrovna -B O U D O I R Photo Contest Christmas 2013 ”
– Deadline to submit entries to Flickr site: December 17th
– Winners will be announced on 18th December 2013 in the group and on facebook page, where we will make album with all submitted pictures!

If you have any questions please contact Vitabela Dubrovna or Precious Restless!
We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Castings & Contest!

Getting back to the reason I stared this blog, to share with others information on model contest and casting, seems appropriate on Thanksgiving (a day to share). 🙂


Vogue Logo copy ~~~~~VoguE Fashion~~~~~

DEADLINE : NOVEMBER 30, 2013 at Noon SLT

VoguE is a high fashion store ranging from Formals to casual to Lingerie to Cosmetics. We at VoguE, are looking for Models to add to our team and family.


If you meet the following criteria, please fill in this Application form and send it back to Sessie16 Resident

Rules of Casting:
* With minimum 1 year in SL
* Join Vogue Style with Attitude Inworld Group
* Please have Vogue Mainstore in Picks
* Are available to work weekends
* Active on Second Life and are able to respond to Group Notices
* You believe yourself to have the sort of Fashion VoguE requires
* Female’s Only
* Deadline is November 30, 2013 at Noon SLT

The Casting is very Simple. You need to wear any Vogue item you own from our Mainstore. Send a snapshot (512×512). No need to be edited or professional. We are literally just looking at your styling.

After we confirmed we have your NC and Photo. We will shortlist 10 models and they will be invited to take part in a runway closed casting. (date to be confirmed)


SL Name:
Rezz Date:
Interests Within SL:
Any Modeling Certificates:
Modeling Experience:
Why do you want to work with VoguE:
What can you offer Vogue:
Do you have any accounts with Blogs or Flickr:

Please attach a Recent Headshot and Full body Picture wearing *VoguE*.

Full Body:



finesmith-logo1 ~~~~~Finesmith~~~~~

 DEADLINE : NOVEMBER 30, 2013 at 1pm SLT

Job Requirements:
-One hour a day
-At least 4 hours a week

What will be required?
– Fill out the attached notecard (Below).
– Create an outfit that you would wear at Finesmith for work.
– Show up for the runway audition
– audition will be November 30th at 1pm SLT
– You will hand over your notecard to Catlyn Sahara at this time.
– Please show up at least 30 minutes before hand.
– You will be required to line up in alphabetical order
– You will walk to the end of the runway, use 3 poses (total of 30 seconds)
– Please wear your D VC hud
– Results will be posed later in the week.

If selected models will be able to begin working on December 1st.


SL Name:
Are you able to work between the hours of 12pm – 12am: Yes/No

Are you a certified Model? Yes/No
-If so, where are you certified from?

Have you worked for a store(s) or currently working for a store(s)? Yes/No
– If so, where have you worked or currently working?

In two or three sentences please tell us what it means to you to be a live store model.

Thank you for taking your time to fill this out fully.  Please make sure you rename the notecard with your name in it. You will send this notecard to Catlyn Sahara on the day of the audition.



10346252136_30c9a742d8_o ~~~~~FACE OF ROMANCE COUTURE~~~~~
~Styling Contest~

 DEADLINE : NOVEMBER 30, 2013 by midnight SLT

You are not required to be a certified model to participate in FORC.

This is a Styling competition based on items in competition boxes you will receive if you make it through the initial application process and become a Semi Finalist. Semi Finalists will be expected to make a styling based on items within the competition boxes, following the rules given with the box. Initial applications do not have to have styling photos based on Romance Couture items, just show us how fabulous you are and why you would fit the Romance Couture brand image of Romantic, Fierce and Fabulous.

All contestants will submit an Application. Any applications done after midnight slt November 30th will not be accepted. You are required to send in (1) headshot (1) full body shot to Ava Jhamin, no later then November 30, 2013. Please no photoshop on pictures where you don’t look like you. We want to see the same person in picture and in front of us.

You must join the in world group of Romance Couture.

******Calendar of events for FORC******

October 18th – November 30, 2013, 2913 Initial Application Submissions.

Semi Finalist will then receive boxed items from Romance Couture, & Madrid Solo. Any other accessories up to you. (If you are given this box you are a semi finalist… WELCOME TO FACE OF ROMANCE COUTURE) You will then have until December 6, 2013 to submit your headshot (1024 X 1024) full body shot (1024 X 1024) into the Romance Couture flickr group. (ONLY FOR SEMI FINALIST)
finalists will be announced in group and that runway show is for announced finalists only

Rehearsal and show schedule:

Show: January 18, 2014 11:00 a.m.

Rehearsal Schedule:

January 12, 2014 10 a.m. slt & 4 p.m. slt (must attend one of the times)
January 14, 2014 10 a.m. slt & 4 p.m. slt (must attend one of the times)
January 17th 2014 4 p.m. slt Dress Rehearsal Mandatory

If you can not do any of these dates please don’t join competition.

If you have any questions regarding FORC please contact only Ava Jhamin.


Application Date:
SL Original Full Name: (No alias or user name)
Your Country and/or State:
Your real life time zone:

Bio: (a short paragraph about yourself)
Please answer the following questions

⋙ What made you want to enter Face of Romance Couture?

⋙ How do you feel about fashion in real life and Secondlife?

⋙ What goals do you have on Secondlife?

⋙ What particular qualities do you feel the Face of Romance Couture should have?

⋙ If you made the finals of Face of Romance Couture how would you promote FORC?

⋙ As the winner of Face of Romance Couture how would you promote Face of Romance Couture?

⋙ What impression would you like people to have of you if you are the FORC?

⋙ How would you like people to remember you if you do not win FORC?

⋙ Please briefly describe you professional career as a model on Secondlife. (Also please include a resume for us to look at.)

Please rename the notecard with your name on it. Face of Romance Couture (your name) return the application with pictures on application to Ava Jhamin no later than November 30, 2013.
(1 Full Body Shot)
(1 Head Shot)


Liv Glam Glam Girls October

Congrats to the Liv Glam October Glam Girls!  Also don’t forget to look for Avenue Magazine October edition with in-depth interviews on the September Glam Girls.This round is your Last Chance to enter the Liv Glam Glam Girl Contest before the grand finale in December.  If you ever dreamt of walking the runway or working with the best team of ladies on the grid, then just try for it (I’m speaking to a few special friends of mine….please just try, there is nothing to lose).  Plus, did I mention the prizes? Oh NO, grand prize 50,000L, all new releases for the next 6 months, vendor ads and Glam Girls Crown!

Please join me in welcoming the new Glam Girls to the family!  Congrats Ladies!


Glamorous Girl – Business Glam – Sienna Bellios

Sienna Bellios, Business Glam

Glamorous Girl – Club Glam – Gisa Bayn

Gisa Bayn, Club Glam

Glamorous Girl – Cocktail Glam – Flidais Etchegaray
Flidais Etchegaray, Cocktail GlamGlamorous Girl – Casual Glam – Tiviyah Resident Tiviyah, Casual Glam

LIV-Glam | GLAM GIRLS | October Semi-Finals Winner

This month winner will receive an interview with AVENUE Magazine, discount for AVENUE Modeling Academy, a Liv-Glam Vendor Shot, a Liv-Glam outfit named after them, L$3000 Cash and a L$2000 Liv-Glam Gift Card.

November round contest will start on 24 October until 16 November 2013. So make sure to submit your pictures as soon as possible. For more info on GLAM GIRLS 2013 by Liv-Glam Contest Rules, please read below:



AVENUE presents Liv-Glam – GLAM GIRLS 2013
We are happy to announce the first Liv-Glam Styling Contest where we would like to see contestants come up with a Glamorous look that reflects who you are, using Liv-Glam outfits in four categories of glamorous styles :

1. Glamorous Girl – Casual Glam

For your everyday life and your everyday needs. All the glamour girls know that with this line has everything they need, then all it takes is adding a pair of shoes and they’re ready to go take a walk outside or meet up with friends.

2. Glamorous Girl – Business Glam

Going to have a meeting at the office and don’t know what to wear? Well, Liv-Glam is here to help, providing you with pieces that can keep you just as chic and fabulous as you are with a touch of business formal. Perfect to look glamorous at the office without the hassle of wearing boring grey suits.

3. Glamorous Girl – Cocktail Glam

If you are going out to a semi-formal event, to a wedding, or any kind of event that doesn’t require black tie for gentlemen and gown for the ladies, then this is exactly what you need. Cocktail dresses come in several lengths but we are sure that you will find exactly the length that suits you best at Liv-Glam, all to make yourself look fabulous in those elegant evenings.

4. Glamorous Girl – Club Glam

Going out with the girls or with your significant other? Jeans and t-shirts are not going to cut it this time. So, Liv-Glam offers you a range of fun and glamorous clothes for you to wear on those nights when all you want to do is dance until you drop… while looking super chic of course!



1. Contest Schedule

[ November 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 October 2013
Closing Date : 16 November 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 18 November 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 20 & 22 November 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 23 November 2013

Finale: 20 December 2013
Rehearsal: 13, 16 & 18 December 2013

Semi-finalist winners will be announced 3 days after the semi-final and the semi-finalist winners should be available from the day of announcement of results to the 30th of that month for a photography and interview session with AVENUE Magazine.

Each contestant must be committed to the aforementioned schedules.

2. Eligibility
This contest is open to anyone above 6 months old.

3. Entry & Submissions
– Entries must be submitted via Flickr to participate – link:
– Each entry/photo should be square format preferably 1024 X 1024 jpeg.
– Each photo submission needs to be titled : Your name_Glam Girls_Month_Category e.g. Marina Resident_Glam Girls_Cocktail Glam.
– The photo submission deadline as stated above.
– Entries submitted must include the name of the outfit and items styled with it in the description.
– Outfit worn must be a Liv-Glam fashion product only. NO K-COLLECTION
– Outfit used MUST NOT be from the gift area.
– If you are not chosen as a monthly winner you may re-enter the contest in the following months as many times as you wish.
– Creative and clear photography are a must. Photograph can be shot by a third party photographer but excessive photoshopping is discouraged.
– Each entrant can enter into any or all categories each month but only one submission can be made for each category. Should the entrant be selected to enter each month’s semi-finals, they will be selected based on the best entry for one category.

4. Prizes

Glamorous Monthly Prize Winners:
3000L Cash
2000L Gift Card
An outfit named after them.
An upcoming Liv-Glam official vendor shot.
$1000L voucher with AVENUE Models Academy
Inclusion in a spread and interview in AVENUE Magazine

Grand Finale Winner Prizes:
All new releases for the next six months.
Vendor shots
Glam Girls Crown

5. Winners

There will be one winner from each category every month until December with a total of four winners per month. A grand finale will be held in December. Each finalist will compete in their respective categories to become Liv-Glam’s Glamour Girl and will hold the title for six months.

So join us in this glamorous contest today.
Ready, Set, and Liv-Glam!





Liv-Glam features the fabulous designs of the creative and always fashion forward, SamanthaSjones. Liv-Glam fashion philosophy is to give everyone the vision of looking glamorous by providing fashion products which are prefect to achieve the look of elegance. Every women can find glamorous, affordable outfits to wear rom morning to evening, from casual to chic to formally elegant, yet with details that set them apart.

Event Concept, Production & Marketing by AVENUE

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Marketing & PR, was founded in 2007 by Rusch Raymaker. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life fashion industry to a higher level. In 2009, AVENUE led the first fashion track and published a print issue of AVENUE Magazine at the Second Life Community Convention. AVENUE celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2012 and in partnership with Zzoie Zee, launched its latest development of a four sim region called zenshi – a Neo Zen lifestyle region which hosts the ultimate in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and the arts. AVENUE continues to break new grounds in creativity, fashion, marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life.

For more information, please contact :
Rusch Raymaker
Email :
Website :