To Infinity and Beyond!

Sway's Infinity Set

On Friday, Google unveiled projected illustrations of the new Googleplex campus spanning 3.4 million square feet on four sites in a whimsical futuristic design that incorporates sweeping translucent canopies and glass walls.  A building boom is occurring with other tech giants leading the way from Facebook’s new campus designed by world-famous architect Frank Gerhy looking like a sprawling forest and Apple’s new headquarters constructed like a giant circle which has been dubbed iSpaceship.  As designs evolve nature and the environment play an important element from the material used serving as an inspiration.  If we don’t propel design forward we will not create innovation.

Paying tribute to the futuristic design, I’ve created a space themed loft hideout utilizing Sway’s Infinity set previously released at Uber, now available in Swayland.  The deep rich celestial blue sofa with brightly colored outer space print pillows and matching floor lamp is trending now.  I highlighted the sofa accent pillows vibrant colors with corresponding furniture pieces in the same palette, transforming the loft into a playful area that any star-gazer would love to relax, enjoy some games or look out for shooting stars.  Since the latest trend is the glorious and calming color blue the possibilities are endless, from sea to space this rich tone can be easily added to your first world homes with rugs, art or decorative accessories!  Hope you were inspired by the forecasted future, embrace the blues and share with me your styles on Facebook.

Structure: Scarlet CreativeCountry Keep

  • Sofa, Floor Lamp & Wall Decor: Sway’sInfinity Set
  • Planet Lights: A.D.D.Andel!, Planet Lamp
  • Desk, Games, Scale & Elemental Wall Decor: Second SpacesSupernova Console Table, Gettin’ Jiggy Puzzle, Modern Alchemy Balance Scale & Element Wall Decor
  • Yellow Chair, Red Stool, Record Player & Scattered Records: The Loft, Aurelia Chair Yellow, Aurelia Stool Red, Sina Record Player
  • Telescope, Table & Chess Set: TheosophyGodre’r Telescope & Cheriton Side Table 
  • Lamp: Trompe Loeil, Gyroscope Floor Lamp
  • Floor Telescope: Fashiowl Poses
  • Rug: JunkSplatter Rug

3 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. aylajzhoy says:

    This is so cool! I love anything futuristic and outer space themed – we don’t see enough of it in SL. Great concept and as always – killer styling on this!

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