Cute as a Button!

V-Day 2015, Button Bedroom Set

Continuing on with the Valentine’s Day theme build, Finishing Touches designed the sweet Button Hearts Bedroom Set with embroidered duvet, textured changed bed pillows, over 40+ PG and Adult animations including breakfast in bed, and lovely corresponding decorative items.  I just love this bedroom set, the soft pastels and button heart details make this collection one I will keep for a long time.  The Button Hearts Bedroom Set includes a rose-colored lace duvet with button heart embellishment, matching rocking chair with heart pillow, beige and rose painted wardrobe with open/close cabinet doors, and coordinating ottoman with animations and texture change blanket.  Also available in the collection is a beige tweed rug, trunk, nightstand and table lamps, painted heart wooden wall signs, stacked painted wooden blocks, square handled tray, and lilacs in jug.  Curl up under the covers and stay cozy with the Button Hearts Bedroom Set this season of love.

Other decorative accessories used to style the bedroom include Finishing Touches Vintage Valentine Wall Quilts, Heart Topiary, Conversation Hearts Wall Decor and Mon Amour Framed Trio wall art with matching jar of twigs.  I also used Alouette You’re My Sweetheart Wall Decor and Repurposed Book Clock (past FLF).

Taxi to Finishing Touches please…

V-Day 2015, Button Bedroom trunk

V-Day 2015, Button Bedroom close-up

V-Day 2015, Button Bedroom Wardrobe close-up

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