Ravenshire Halloween Village


Just a few hours left for the 7th Annual Second Life Home & Garden Expo 2014 and harvest time is here! Since, October is coming up soon, and as my loyal readers & friends know I LOVE Halloween, so I couldn’t resist creating a beau-boo Victorian Trick or Treat village using Roawenwood Ravenshire Village Shoppes available at HGE. There are three different shops offered for sale at the expo: a single with side porch, a double with two individual rooms, and a grande with three connected rooms. Roawenwood is also offering a village fountain, patio pavers, and hay bales (Sim 3).  Halloween decor is furnished by Finishing Touches, Thaino Designs, Park Place, Sway’s, What Next, and Aphrodite Shop, I will showcase the items and where to purchased them in my upcoming blog post.  Coming this week, I will host an open house at the Halloween Village featuring some of my favorite designers on the grid.  Stop by, check out each decorated room, trick or treat among ghosts and witches, bring your little ones, nothing scary, all sweet. Happy harvest time and remember always let’s get decorating!

Single Shoppe

Single Shoppe

General Store

Grande Shoppe

Grande Shoppe

Trick or Treat Village

Death by...

Double Shoppe

Double Shoppe

Ghost ring

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