The Elven Forest- Mushroom Kingdom

the-co-op-logoA new round of The Co-Op opened on June 7 available until June 21, with the theme Mushroom Kingdom.  The event sim has been designed to replicate a Legoland build with animated brick water, swaying palms, and overflowing fountain.  As a Lego loving girl, I thought the Mushroom Kingdom event sim was a trip and well worth checking out.  The Co-Op creators are offering everything from mushroom earrings, fantasy masks, fairy poses, to outdoor furniture.  Utilizing the home & garden decor, I created a few hidden forests scenes with campfires, butterflies and nature friends.  Dividing the two mushroom camp sites is Meadow Works Ye & Me cuddle tree with hollowed out bench with sit poses.  Plus, today is Day 5 of the Fashion For Life Fair, all garments modeled in the close up pics are from FFL, tp over to the event and know that a portion of your purchase will be donated to fund a cure to cancer.  Join me in my elven fantasy world where fairies and forest friends share natures beauty.  Mushroom Kingdom Taxi please…

Elven Forest Overview:

Overview of Elven Forest

BananaN Tila Lounge Set:

BananaN Tila Chairs set 2

Gloria at mushroom scene #2

  • Mushroom Tables: Cleo Design, Mushroom Garden Set (10L Sales Garden event 6/1-30)
  • Dress: Sundaara, Flora (FFL event 6/7-20)

Collage Toadstool Set:

Collage Toadstool scene

Close up of the Collage Toadstools

Close up of the toadstools & gloria lounging

  • Dress: Roots & Wings, Nature’s Creek Lolita Sunset (FFL event 6/7-20)

Meadow Works Ye & Me Tree (in background) & Le Poppycock Pose Wanton Fay:

Le Poppycock Pose

Featured at Mushroom Kingdom:

  • Crown: Luminary, Peachy Circlet
  • Pose: Le Poppycock, Wanton Fay (Pleasant is the Fairy Bed)

Featured at Fashion For Life:

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