A Bedroom Defined by Luxury – Apple Fall

Incredible interior styling of a luxury bedroom retreat! So proud of Niki ❤

Interiors & Spaces Second Life

Bed right angleWe spend a third of our life in the bedroom.  Shouldn’t it be the most luxurious, warm, cozy room in the home?  The ideal bedroom retreat should abide by three principles: spend money on good quality furniture and appointments (fluffy down pillows, high tread count linens, warm duvets), be surrounded by your favorite things (art, books, plants, photos, special artifacts), and create soft relaxation areas.  I love my RL bedroom and often infuse a fresh vibe each season by changing the duvet; copper in the fall, black velvet in the winter, soft blue in the spring and crisp white in the summer.  Additionally, feathery pillows and gentle blankets or throws are a must for your luxury haven.  I find lighting is usually an overlooked asset and it’s importance can’t be overstated.  Finally, don’t forget the window coverings and rugs.  One can not rest if car headlights awaken them every night…

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