20140524-133329-48809981.jpgThe Feeling Event is back with a new theme, new location and new designs. The theme for May is: The Feeling of Night! Perfect for sleepy heads, nightlife..ers, and star-gazer! The Feeling Event opened on May 15 and will run until May 30, so hop on over and grab these exclusive releases. Taxi please…

I’ve been a bit late on blogger this week because I’m moving again and the Serenity Style Those Dreams gatcha box holds lots of goodies I will be putting to use in my new home like: framed art, lamps, books, shabby chic door, and treasures, plus my new kitty, Felix who has decided to make my moving box his home.  As I take a moment to rest from the hard move, I snuggle into Serenity Style Our Dreams Swing in the back yard and stargaze while wearing BN Designs exclusive Casandra tropical dress ($49L), perfect for summer days and nights filled with daydreaming and new adventures like astronomy.

Exclusive items & gatcha: Serenity Style, Our Dreams Swing & Those Dreams gatcha

  • Our Dreams Swing (available in 2 styles, with or without frame): $150L
  • Gatcha: Those Dreams box (framed art, books, lamps, door & cat): $70L pull

Serenity Styles Daybed & gatcha box

Serentiy Style Those Dreams box

Our dreams swing

those dreams

Exclusive item: BN Designs, Casandra Dress ($49L)

BN Design Casandra Dress

Exclusive items: Fashionowl Telescope Poses & Prop {telescope included}

  • Female with 3 Poses ($125L)
  • Male with 3 Poses ($125L)
  • Couple Poses ($175L)

Fashionowl telescope pose female






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