Sleepy Head

Beppin Provoca-tive rose night gown

I’ve been so tired this past few weeks, seems like no matter how much (or little) sleep I get, I’m dragging through the day.  Maybe it’s the change of the season, or the weather, not sure.  Although I’m in much need of sleep, little Glory found time to nap, catch-up on some bogging, and model the adorable Beppin Provoca-tive slip/nightie, an exclusive item at The Feeling Event: Night, available until May 30, 2014.  Run now, it’s rare you find a cute night-gown in Second Life.  Taxi please…

Exclusive items & gatcha: Beppin, Provoca-t.i.v.e & [free bird] Sleep mask {rare}

  • Beppin, Provocative Night Gown (8 color options): $70L each
  • Free Bird, Sleep Mask (7 mask options): $50L pull

Beppin, Rose night gown, blogging

Bedroom Set: Heart Homes, Sailor Seabreeze

Beppin Purple Night Gown, standing



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