The Beachcomber

Seabreeze set

I’m super excited. This past month, I picked up three new home & garden sponsors and today I’ll spotlight Heart Homes Sailor Seabreeze bedroom collection by the amazing creator team of Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood (also of Aphrodite Shop, look for other upcoming posts featuring Aphrodite items).  Also, I’m thrilled to share a new monthly article with my designer partner Niki Silverweb, “The ? Room.” Each month we will collaborate on a themed room.  Today, we created the perfect bedroom retreat just in time for summer, “The Beachcomber Bedroom,” utilizing Heart Homes new release Sailor Seabreeze set, complete with a fireplace, sidetables, bed, texture change wing chairs, seashell accessories, model ship, row boat, and framed art.

seashell collage

fireplace, chairs, plant, boat

Second Life might be a virtual game developed by Linden Labs, but it is also a great indicator of real life trends.  Three emerging styles this season that you can incorporate in your home design are: be inspired by nature, create drama with textures, and reimagine a new life for older items.

Nature: Bring the outside in by taking close up photos of seashells, leaves, flowers or trees.  Make use of personal items or “found” items, such as a shell collection, or miniature boats, like the Hearts Homes seashell wall decor filled with grasses and dried flowers. These are inexpensive ways to change your space to reflect the season.

Ship, Wall Shell, part fireplace

Texture: Drama in the bedroom seems cliche, but if you invision luxury fabrics with special appointments you can create a cozy haven and restful spot. Designers Marina and Jaylin used a shorebird pattern comforter evocative of the sea shore. I have noticed more real life interior designers adding textured duvets and pillows creating interest and spark in the bedroom.

Bed, tray, sidetables, boat, overall***

Re-purpose: Never be afraid to give a second life to older items by spray painting, much like the Heart Homes Sailor Seabreeze iron bedframe painted in layered greens and blues, reminiscent of the sky and sea.  Recycling is not only good and necessary for the environment, but it allows you to inject you own personal style into your home. Recreating a new life for older items is also budget friendly and the cornerstone of the shabby chic vintage movement.

Iron Bedrail

Hope you can put to good use some of my tips and pop over to Heart Homes to grab the Sailor Seabreeze bedroom just in time for summer! Taxi please…

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