Opulence in the Desert

Arch way with Palms

Blazing oranges and golds, rich reds and pinks, saturated teals and greens, reflections of the hot desert sand pour over my tribute to Marrakesh.  The Challenge is back with a new theme: Moroccan with numerous home and garden creators offering everything from lamps, to furniture, to gazebos.  This was truly an inspired build with memories of Alfred Hitchcock’s espionage thriller, The Man Who Knew Too Much, playing in my head.  As the sand coats the scene, the heat and dust of the parched earth is softened by swaying palms.  Swing open the heavy gates, pull back the curtains and join me in my enchanting magical Oasis.  The Challenge is a monthly themed shopping event, with exclusive designs located at participating merchant stores, landmarks below.  Let’s get decorating!

Overall Living

Shabby Tabby End Table

  • Studded End Table with accessories, Floor Pouffes & Lights: Shabby Tabby
  • Glazed Pot, Door, Silver Hanging Decor: Cleo Designs
  • Coffee Table with Tea Set: Barnesworth Anubis

Cleo Designs loveseat

Sway's Bed

  • Day Bed: Sway’s {available in two wood colors & gold or silver trim}

Shabby Tabby Loveseat

Close gates

Close up of Water

Gazebo in background

  • Gazebo: [ht:home]
  • Curtains: Mirage Arabian Treasure Company

Gazebo with Palms


Hte this gazebo

Bauwerk Bench set

The designers participating in this months Challenge are: 22769 ~ [bauwerk], ChiC BuildingsCleo Designs, [ht:home], Kuro, Naked Mesh, [off Melrose], Shabby Tabby, & Sway’sThe decor is exclusively designed for The Challenge event and are available for sale at each store.  I hope you enjoyed my tribute to Morocco! 

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