Kandinsky 3

A truly inspirational artist is Wassily Kandinsky denoted as the foremost kinetic artist, blending art and motion, making a painting dynamic and jumping off the museum wall. Kandinsky serves as muse for Brianna Passiflora, designer of Brii Underground Wear for the FashionArt Fair, opening tomorrow, May 9, 2014.  A favorite of mine, his work was llargely influenced by music creating a whole series called Composition, which is the print of the Kandinsky Dress 3, paired with Liv Glam’s Aisha Tote & Fancy Slink heels {pantone HUD system}.  Check out the slide show below with some of my favorite pieces. Taxi please…

Kandinsky Full

LG Aisha Tote Bag

LG Fancy Slink Shoes

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