On the Wings of Love…

Love and support has extended the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Awareness Event for another week (ends Saturday, May 10) and there are daily DJ concerts to raise money for Debra of America.  New event taxi, courtesy of Ray Burdeyna of Burdeyna Islands, who generously donated his homestead for the charity event (see event schedule below).  To whet your appetite for more exclusive items you can purchase at the EB event (remember a portion of the sale will be donated to Debra of America), I paired the Kaerri Frolic Bar /Wing Chair Set (exclusive for the EB Event), with the KL Couture Butterfly Storm Gown & Damselfly Drewleigh Hair (both available at the FashionArt Fair opening Friday, May 9, 2014), and the Myrrine Vintage Mirror (featured at The Co-Op Presents: Kensington Gardens).  Please stop by the new EB event location, enjoy the music, great fashion /home decor and don’t forget to donate!

Taxi to the EB Awareness Event…

Kaerri Wing Chair Set

  • Kaerri Red Wing Chair Set (available @ EB Event)

KL Couture Butterfly Storm

  • KL Couture Butterfly Storm Gown, Damselfly Drewleigh Hair & NanTra Kinetic Pose (available @ FashionArt Fair)

EB Event Schedule:

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