The Power of Words!


The Feeling event opened today, April 15, and will run until April 30 with a new theme, WORDS.

Words are powerful, they communicate thoughts, feelings and actions.  Words are our language to express ourselves; they convey our deepest emotions and wildest dreams. There is no better place to write, write, write than an inviting desk, and comfy chair, so grab your coffee or tea, and Let’s Get Decorating!

The Feeling is a monthly themed event, opening on the 15th each month and lasting for 15 days (15th -30th) with home decor, clothes, accessories and skins.  There are exclusive items and gatcha machines with adorable fun stuff.  It is a joint venture between Morgana Brid (Arcana Antiques & Oddities) & Hanstrid Inshan (Serenity Style), who formed the event with the purpose of showcasing and sharing creativity, quality and passion.  Taxi please…

Exclusive items & gatcha: Serenity Style, Words Brimm Desk & Decor Set

  • Words Brimm Desk Set & Chair: $199L
  • Words Decor Set: $99L
  • Gatcha items (fan, poster, words block decor & mug set): $70L pull

Serenity Style Desk

Serenity Style Desk -full

Words Brimm Desk

Words Decor Set

Words Gatcha


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