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I had a lovely treat today.  Two of my fellow glam sisters invited me to a special event, a joint venture of fashion and art.  SCALA and Visionaire Institute partnered together for a new concept in modeling and photography.  Today was the first SCALA graduating class and at the same time Visionaire Institute held the Grad Exhibit where the modeling students were the subjects of the photographer’s work.  The SCALA Graduates are: Aely Witte, AliceAmber, Christopher Law, Danity Mynx, Deborah Vos, Leezah Kaddour, Lola, LuceMia, PetraAlexander, Sungyoung, trouble Dethly, Winter Zhukovsky, & Zoomy Bluebird.  Please join me in congratulating them.  The Visionaire Graduate Exhibit will be open to the public from April 12 to May 11, 2014, TAXI.  I highly encourage you to check out the future photographers in Second Life and maybe spot the next MVW.  I took a few snaps of Visionaire student work below.  Please enjoy!


VISIONAIRE Institute – Invite

Second Life® – VISIONAIRE Institute of SL Photography would like to cordially invite you to a exhibition showcasing it’s first graduating class of photographers: Anouk Lefavre, Eva Cross, Imani Enzo, Liat Reina, Mari Firelight, Prisilla S. Avro, Polly Elan, Seashell Dench, Solde Rothmanay, and Tamara Artis.


Anouk Lefavre

Eva Cross

Eva Cross


Imani Enzo


Liat Reina

Mari firelight ballet

Mari Firelight

Silly murder

Prisilla S. Avro

Polly Elan

Polly Elan

Seachell Dench- level 4

Seashell Dench


Solde Rothmanay


Tamara Artis

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