How the West was Won!

General Store (yellow, left)

I’m so happy I expanded Hidden Gems in Second Life from fashion to interior design styling. I’ve loved the monthly home and garden events I’m a part of, The Collage and my awesome sponsors, Thaino Designs and LISP.  I’m super excited to share with my readers another interior design event, The Challenge.  Very happy and overjoyed to be selected as an official blogger of this monthly theme shopping event, where creators are challenged to design for a specific unique theme.  Past themes have included Heaven, Mid-Century Modern, Teenage Years, Factory/Industrial, and Black & White.  The March theme is The Wild, Wild West, so fans of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, The Wild Bunch, High Noon, Unforgiven, Gunsmoke and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, rustle up your cowboy boots, saddle up your horse, and Let’s Get Decorating.

General Store (front outside)

Western Wagon Cleo Design

hate this - Coffins

General Store -Outside from wagon angle

Sway's Bench

  • Sway’s Tuari Bench in three traditional Native American patterns with 32 animations

Food Barrel & Bar

General Store - Barrels of fruit & veg & burlap sacks

Wanted overall Food, cash, ladder

Wanted w: Food Ladder Cash & strawberries

Wanted Posters & Hot Cross Buns

Poker Table & Sway Bench

[bauwerk] Cart Wheel Bed (PG)

Bed & Sway Bench

The builders participating in this month Challenge are: :UR: Homes, [hate this], Cleo Design, Sway’s, Kuro, Naked Mesh, [XTC] & 22769~bauwerk.  The decor is exclusively designed for The Challenge event and are available for sale at each store.

The Western Store is created by [hate this] and comes with a HUD: 4 store colors, 3 shed colors and 4 signs (blank, General Store, Drug Store & Undertaker).  The set includes a separate decor pack: barrels, sack, water trough & coffins.  I added Cleo Design Western Wagon, as well some extra benches, rocking chair, plants and water pump. Sway’s Tuari Bench – Sunset sits prominently on the porch and is also styled inside the western build (3 traditional Native American patterns with 32 animations).

Swing open the doors and mosey on up to the .:UR:. Home Saloon Bar have a drink, or try your luck at a game of poker at the table. The wagon wheel chandeliers are also provided in the saloon set with 3 wood grain options: Walnut, Cherry & Pine.  Note Sway’s Tuari Bench – Lakeshore under the window.

For this styling I’ve added an Old West feeling with antique “wanted posters” of Pancho Villa, Butch Cassidy, Jesse James, Belle Starr & Billy The Kid.  To enhance the ambiance of the Corvus & Son’s general store, I furnished the shelves with homemade pies, candy, jams & jellies, and fresh-baked bread.  An array of fruit and vegetables: apples, ears of corn, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes are on the counter, and burlap sacks of flour, sugar and coffee help create the feeling of an active general store replicating the genre of the era.

Pull back the curtain and the storage shed has been converted into a cozy bedroom with a South West flavor. 22769~bauwerk has created the Cart Wheel Bed (PG) with 27 single and 38 couple poses.  The texture of the bed quilt is rich in color and dimensionality. The Native American quilt and throw pillows have an authentic feel.  Strewn floor rugs overlap the heavy textured plank wood floor and create coziness.  Sway’s Tuari Bench-Foliage fits perfectly in this South West bedroom.  I hope you enjoyed my tribute to the Old West!


3 thoughts on “How the West was Won!

  1. Ayla Zhoy says:

    WOW Gloria….this is great! You put a lot of work into this and it shows.
    I want to belly up to the bar and have a cold one hahaha
    Good job with all the extra touches.

  2. gloriasilverstone says:

    Oh THANK YOU So Much Ayla!!!!! It took me some time to get everything just right and to play with the wind lights to create the Old West mood. Ping me anytime and we can share a cool one, lol :-)! ❤

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