Bringing Up Baby!

CE-Close up of Bed

One great magic of Second Life is the possibility of meeting your future partner and forming a family.  I have noticed an increasing amount of family friendly home designs on the grid.  The whimsy of a childs bedroom has been featured at monthly shopping events and in current interior design magazines.  Today, I would like to spotlight another premier home designer who specializes in family oriented products, Cozy Essentials.  Paige Raven designer of Cozy Essentials, has created the exclusive Hailey Home with furnishings that are available at The Collage.  All rooms can be purchased separately as well as the Hailey house.  I loved Chelle’s little girls room and have taken pictures of the display set up at The Collage (only because I don’t have the prims on my homestead to rezz another build at this moment).  Please look for upcoming blog posts where I will feature the Cozy Essential’s Hailey living room and family room.  It should be noted that Cozy Essentials design items are fully animated for parents/kids, as well as the decor items from the darling teddy bear who sings “I Think I Love You,” to the dashing My Little Pony rocking horse.   Check out Cozy Essentials display home at The Collage closing soon (April 5, 2014).  Taxi please…

CE-Teddy Bear


CE-Rocking Chair

CE-Chelle BD

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