What’s for Dinner?

Spargel & Shine Annie Oak Dinner scene

The most common question asked every day.  Well not only does Tess Spargel, proprietor of Spargel & Shine Homes answer that question but she designed the perfect Victorian inspired Dining Room set to meet all your needs.  The Annie Oak Dining Set has three scene change options: floral arrangement, tea set & dinner set, with the option to select how many place settings you need from 1 to 4 guests.  Ms. Spargel’s attention to detail is superb with even the chunks of chocolate chips in her cookie plate looking delicious.  Please notice the carved chair backs, the exquisite painted rose detailing on the table and inlaid buffet, and the doilies (placemats) and lace curtains harken to the elegance of the Victorian era.  If the Annie Oak set looks familiar, Spargel & Shine Homes created the Annie Oak bedroom suite for The Collage January/February round which I previously blogged.  The Annie Oak Dining Set is an exclusive item and includes the table, four chairs, buffet, decor and detailed rose triptych for only $650L.  Taxi please…

Spargel & Shine Annie Oak DR Set

Spargel & Shine Annie Oak High Tea scene

Spargel & Shine Annie Oak Buffet

Spargel & Shine Annie Rose Painting


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