Spring Getaway!

Thaino Design- Spring cabana

The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, the tulips and daffodils are popping up, and the sun is shining; spring has sprung and it’s time for you to take a spring getaway.  Let your outdoor space become your secret retreat and create an extension to your home with the right selection of furniture and decor pieces.  One can never have too many chairs or tables (as my Mom often says), a soft place to rest after a hard days work in the garden, at work or on the grid shopping.  Thaihiti Baroque, marvelous creator of Thaino Designs offers the ideal spring getaway, an exclusive release at The Collage

Thaino - Patchwork cozy chair

The worn-in patchwork armchair, wicker rose patterned love seat, and bistro table complete with mugs, cupcakes and fruit, will transport you to an enchanting English garden.  And oh yes, I almost forget to mention my favorite item of all (y’all know how much I love my greenhouses, gazebos, pergolas and sheds), the cabana (well at least that’s what we call it in California), is the perfect spot for a cup of tea, sweets, romance, or an afternoon nap. It even has a its own chandelier (how grand)!   The cabana includes a wicker & rose love seat, matching rug, bistro table, candle display, floral arrangements, quilt/blanket rack and tea crate, all draped in white linen curtains.  Ms. Baroque also created charming outdoor decor items including the fun and funky patchwork armchair, multi-pastel colored crates, garden boxes, woven basket and sun hat, bistro set, a triple bird house (tweet sweet), and carrot & tomato planter boxes.  This spring garden getaway is a must have and absolutely adorable!

Thaino - Bistro Table

Thaihiti Baroque is so special, she has thought of every small detail when enjoying the garden, from crystal rose vases, to steaming coffee, to rumples in the rug.  Thaihiti is a gem, she is so positive and polite, her price point is superior and her quality excels!  Please, please, please stop by The Collage and also visit Thaino Designs (I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the variety of special ‘finds’ and you’ll go home with a new cozy experience).

Taxi to The Collage…

Taxi to Thaino Designs…

Thaino - Birdhouse 2

Ready to Plant

Growing veggies - carrots & tomatoes

Thaino Boxes & baskets

Thaino Blanket stand & wicker couch

Thaino - dish box

Let’s Get Decorating! 


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