Tranquil Retreat


Serendipity Designs Bed

The Collage opened last Sunday with lots of wonderful spring furnishings to spruce up your Second Life home.  The exclusive items include a complete home and furniture from Cozy Essentials, outdoor decor from Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Sway’s, & Thaino’s Designs, bedroom set from Serendipity Designs, dining room table & decor from Spargel & Shine Homes, office from shutter field, and sunflower pattern decor items from Lumiere. (Check out my previous garden blog post with items from Dreamscapes and Sway’s).   The Collage is a monthly home and garden shopping event with exclusive items opening on the 23rd each month and lasting for 2 weeks.  For today’s post, I designed a calm and peaceful bedroom and office area using Serendipity Designs and shutter field.

Serendipity Designs Dresser


Serendipity Designs Bed & bench

I just LOVE this delightful nod to spring created by Serendipity Designs Spring Fling Bedroom Set.  This bedroom is probably one of my favorite rooms I’ve decorated this year.  I wish I had this bedroom in real life with its clean lines, classic tufted tall headboard and elegant bench.  The pale muted blues and crisp whites have a coastal Maine feel, the soft cherry blossom painting whispers springtime in a gentle soothing voice.  With its breezy draped comforter, whitewash nightstand with stenciled glass cabinets, Asian inspired lamps, petite ladylike armchair (Half Deer’s Silk and Pearls Chair in Powder Blue @ C88), matching dresser and sundial modern mirror, the Serendipity Designs bedroom suite is the perfect tranquil retreat.  (I used the Irrie’s Dollhouse, Crown Molding Wall Texture in Fog (white wash board texture), to enhance the crisp white and add a coastal traditional design to the walls, MegaStuff/Homestuff hunt item).

Serenity Style Nightstand

Serendipity Designs Painting

In the bedroom retreat, I created an office space using shutter field Spring Study Desk Set, an exclusive at The Collage.  The Spring Study includes a shabby chic desk, chair, laptop, notebook & pen, telephone, pen cup and an easy chair with ottoman in soft blue.  The office chair and easy-chair have multiple animations for male and female.  Spring Study set is $139L and only available at The Collage.  Both exclusive sets from Serendipity Designs and shutter field welcome spring with an inviting fresh feel and easy charm, be sure to add them to your home.  Taxi please…

Shutter Field's Spring Study Set

Shutter Field's Spring Study Office close up


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