They landed in my backyard…

Color in Galaxy

Hi, My name is Niki and Gloria Silverstone has graciously allowed me post on her blog, as a guest blogger.

Gloria and I are best friends in real life and have collaborated on numerous art projects.  My background is in art and interior design.  I’ve been in Second Life for a number of years and never enjoyed my experience until recently, when I discovered interior design.  This is due in large part to Gloria who attacked SL with zeal, taking a raw avatar to model status in 6 months.

LR Overall

Gloria fell in love with the Centauri Space Pod by Barnesworth Anubis (from the February Collabor88).  As you probably know, C88 is impossible to get into in the first weeks.  Because I was the first arrival, I immediately purchased the space pod for Glory and a few other items that might work..  I rezzed it on our property and walked the space several times.  It was huge and needed to be resized.  The Space Pod didn’t speak to me at first; it sat empty in the front yard.   I took out everything and anything I could find from my inventory, so I could make this pod a home.  The items laid stagnate.   I ran back to C88 and purchased everything that might work.  Rezzed it and had a light bulb moment.  Gloria always says when she styles an outfit, “I need to know who that girl is and where is she going.”  I needed to know for this build, who were the owners and what is their story.


Introducing to you Robbie & Roxy, owners of the space pod.  Roxy is a conversationalist, journalist and thinker.  She needs a space to work, and a space to chat with her guests and friends.  Robbie is an engineer and explorer, and a typical man, checking up on everything all the time, hence his light bulb in hand.  The space pod is still a work in progress, I haven’t finished R&R’s bedroom, any ideas are appreciated.

Circle Chairs

I particularly love LTD Magazine’s “Show Us your Cozy” feature because it speaks to me of comfort in a home.  Everywhere in this huge space pod, I created intimate areas for comfort, conversation and relaxation.  Please enjoy.

Roxy area & desk

Red moments, overview

Check Mate


Alien friends

Close up of planets, yellow


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