The Eyes Have It!

Skin Fair Poster 2014 copyThe Skin Fair is still going strong!  Have you checked out the makeup stores at the fair?  Zibska has a number of exclusive releases for the fair. Today, I have the pleasure of modeling 2 exclusive Zibska Skin Fair items, Reela Eyeshadow in 10 colors for $100L & Elaie Eyeshadow in 17 colors for $250L.  The Reela Eyes are colorful two-tone shades with a luminescence glow on the upper eyelid, perfect for Spring.  Did you notice the price?  Hint hint, it’s on ***SALE***!

Zibska also offers the Elaie Eyes and they are all about DRAMA, with smoky silky lids that pop and demand attention.  The Zibska store is located on Sim 1

Please be advised the Skin Fair is restricted to 15 scripts.

The Skin Fair is a 3 sim shopping event from March 14th to 30th, with most major skin and makeup creators on the grid offering exclusive releases. Landmarks and maps below.  Enjoy!

ZIBSKA Reela Eyeshadow:

Zinska Promo Reela Eyeshadow- 1 to 5

Base skin is Belleza Mimi 4 (March 2014 Arcade)

Left to Right:

  • Reela ~ One
  • Reela ~ Two
  • Reela ~ Three
  • Reela ~ Four
  • Reela ~ Five

Zibska Promo Reela Eyeshadow 6 to 10

Left to Right:

  • Reela ~ Six
  • Reela ~ Seven
  • Reela ~ Eight
  • Reela ~ Nine
  • Reela ~ Ten

ZIBSKA Elaie Eyeshadow:

Elaie- 6, Violet, Seablue, Sangue, Ruby, Purple & Plum)

Base skin is Belleza Mimi 4 & Madrid Solo The Nudes Lip 6 (another Skin Fair exclusive).

Left to Right:

  • Violet
  • Sangue
  • Ruby
  • Purple
  • Plum
  • Seablue

Elaie- Caol, Erba, Indigo, Mare, Meadow & Olive

Left to Right:

  • Olive
  • Mare
  • Meadow
  • Indigo
  • Erba
  • Coal

Elaie- Emerald, Clay, Blue, Cinn, Berry

Left to Right:

  • Emerald
  • Clay
  • Blue
  • Cinn
  • Berry

All Elaie Colors

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 1

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 2

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 3

*Thank you for allowing me to review your Skin Fair items!

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