Dirty Hands!

the collage logo 2013Yesterday was a good day, my senior neighbor Mrs. asked me to drive her to the local nursery.  In the past 6 months, I’ve become her de facto caregiver /girlfriend/ adopted granddaughter.  It’s been an interesting transition from a neighbor whom I waved at, to everyday talking on the phone, or emailing, just to check up.  I was my late grandmother’s caregiver, so slipping back into that position is easy, just a tad strange sometimes.  My senior neighbors are the typical Irish Catholic 1950 family with 6 kids, 50 grandkids and a 100 great grandkids, but at the end of the day Mrs. calls me every evening to say goodnight.

Our local nursery was filled with a colorful array of flowers.  I took a deep breath and knew I needed to try to recreate this smell, this feeling, this wonder, this beauty in Second Life.  My perfect backdrop was *Funky*Junk* little greenhouse (oops, I did it again), a subscriber gift, *Funky*Junk* planting bench (Fifty Linden Friday special), and Dreamscapes Art Gallery Garden Blue wheelbarrow and crates, The Collage exclusive items available tomorrow, March 23, 2014.   Check out *Funky*Junk*, a new discovery, grab the free subscriber gift, then tomorrow enter the home & garden monthly shopping event, The Collage!  

*Funky*Junk* Little Greenhouse & plants (subscriber gift):

Funky Junk Greenhouse

Dreamscapes Art Gallery, exclusive items @ The Collage:

Dreamscapes Wheel Barrel & crates

Funky Junk Front Door

Funky Junk Planting Bench (FLF)

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