Heart of the home!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Kitchen overall

It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home.  As some of my SL friends know, I also say right before logging off, ‘oh look at the time…..time for me to burn something.’  All kidding aside, I can cook.  I haven’t burnt the house down yet, or met my future firefighter husband.  My mom always threatens to send me off to the Food Networks Worst Cooks in America, lol.  But my one saving grace is, when my grandmother was still alive, I would make a mean roasted chicken ever Sunday night.  So, if there is anyone out there that can eat roasted chicken 365 days a year, then I’m your girl (I might manage to bake a cookie or two, once in a blue moon).

Range, Teakettle & farm sink

I’ve always wanted to create a cute shabby chic kitchen in Second Life and Thaino Designs released Clara, the perfect one.  Just in time for spring, in a bright and cheerful fuchsia, lime and turquoise with polka dots and an English rose print, this is a shabby chic girls dream kitchen.  It’s simply adorable!!!

Closeup Mixer & Scale

The main kitchen unit includes a rose printed tiled kitchen stove, farmhouse sink, sideboards, upper cabinets, wine rack, microwave unit, island, and china cabinet with matching plates.  All items are sold separately, so if you want to mix and match your current kitchen with a cute shabby chic cabinet or china breakfront, then you have options.  Also, for kitchens pieces, these are a steal.  Thaihiti Baroque, creator extraordinaire of Thaino Design even made matching cupcakes, floral print tea kettle & baking scale, hot pink Kitchen Aid mixer, dish rack, fruit bowl, flowers and coffee/tea/hot cider/hot cocoa.  Everything is available at Thaino Designs, I only added the Apple Fall Azure Refrigerator and some coordinating curtains (took me some time to find just the right texture).  This new release kitchen unit is available at Thaino Designs main store, hop over and pick it up for a fresh cheerful spring look.  Taxi please…

Closeup Microwave, & roses

Kitchen cabinets, kitchen left by stove

Kitchen left overall

turkey open oven door

kitchen right w: fridge

Breakfront, kitchen right

Closeup Cupcakes, Breakfront

Kitchen overall w: island

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