Spring has Sprung!

Sweet Lies Blue Dress & =Fashiowl= My Garden Fenwick

Everyone has their vices and mine are greenhouses, arbors and anything for the garden. Maybe it’s because previous to Second Life all my free time was spent in my overgrown garden, or maybe it’s because my childhood playhouse was my Mom’s former greenhouse.  She grows orchids and I became addicted to tulips and irises in babyhood, so dirt under my fingernails is a common sight.  When I first rezzed into SL, I went on hunts and got a number garden items.  Last year, in my second move (out of 7, I’m always on the run, just kidding) I created a veggie/flower garden complemented with several pergolas and greenhouses (maybe one day I can post the pics).  I’ve been itching to change the latest homestead over for Spring and this is a great first step.

The Weathered Greenhouse is my latest find and a Lazy Sunday special for $75L from Alouette.   It includes a planting bench, tables and working door.  It’s the 200th Lazy Sunday round, so there are lots of cute things, including an adorable summer cottage from Cleo Designs that I don’t have time tonight to blog and post pics, but look for it in upcoming post.  The tractor and garden apron dress (also available in red & green) are exclusive items from The Feeling Event.  Plants and other decor are finds are from my inventory.  Grab the LM, have fun and let’s get decorating!

Exclusive items:

=Fashiowl= My Garden Fenwick (tractor & 6 poses), $200L

Sweet Lies, Sexy Spring Blue Dress, $99L & $39L (Tool Box)

Sweet Lies Apron Dress & =Fashiowl= My Garden Fenwick Greenhouse front

Alouette, Weathered Greenhouse, $75L

Green Front- Lazy Sunday Special

Inside Greenhouse-long view

Inside greenhouse

Plant Bench


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