MS- The Nudes Lips Collage All

The Skin Fair has opened it’s doors and I hope you all are enjoying the new looks for the season.  I love the spring fashion each year, there is nothing more ladylike than a yummy palette of pastel clothes and accessories.  To complement the fresh style of the season requires a clean polished lip.  Madrid Solo release at The Nudes, a 10 color lip tattoo pack at the Skin Fair that is perfect for any occasion, $150L.  Madrid Solo is located in SIM2!

The Skin Fair is a 3 sim shopping event from March 14th to 30th, with most major skin and makeup creators on the grid offering exclusive releases. Landmarks and maps below. Enjoy!


Nudes Lip Collage, horizontal

MS_ The Nudes Lip Collage #1

Skin in all pictures is Belleza Mimi 5 (March 2014 Arcade)

Left to Right Above:

  • Nude 1
  • Nude 2
  • Nude 3
  • Nude 4
  • Nude 5

Nudes Lip Collage, 6-10

MS_ The Nudes Lip Collage #2

Left to Right:

  • Nude 6
  • Nude 7
  • Nude 8
  • Nude 9
  • Nude 10

Madrid Solo- Lip Designs- The Nudes

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 1

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 2

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 3

*Thank you for allowing me to review your Skin Fair items!

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