The Collage | Deco Living Space

PRIME is offering an Art Deco inspired Living Room set at The Collage.  Art Deco is a style that first appeared in France after WWI that combines craft and Machine Age imagery and materials.  It is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation.  The Imperial Set includes a claret velvet geometric print love seat and armchair, cherry wood coffee table, side table, claret rug, Tiffany lamps, and assorted decor.  There is also a spring window with curtains that transition perfectly into spring.  The Collage is a monthly home and garden shopping event lasting for two weeks, starting the 23rd each month.  Taxi please…

Prime - Imperial LR group

Prime - Endtable, Lamp, wine bottle

Prime = Living Room set

Imperial Set with Spring Window Panel:

Prime - window option

Prime - window option w:couch

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