Simply White Hot!

Jan:Feb '14 Prime Wht LR Full

Looking for a new modern living room set that can blend into your lifestyle?  Then I have a great option for you.  The Simply White Set by PRIME, exclusively sold at The Collage, is perfect with its deep bucket chair &  love seat (in pebble suede, piped in red leather), matching fireplace (with seat) and buffet table, to meet all your needs for today and tomorrow’s entertaining.  Add the bold sexy lipstick wall art and instantly your living room has turned White Hot!  Candlelit dinners, red wine, rose petals, oh my!  Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening at home with your loved one.  The Simply White Set is an exclusive item designed for The Collage, a monthly special home event lasting for two weeks, Taxi please….

Jan:Feb '14 Prime Wht LR close up fire & table

Jan:Feb '14 Prime Wht LR Lips
Jan:Feb '14 Prime Wht LR close up

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