Finesmith Murder Mystery Hunt

Finesmith and 14 other designers have created a fun interactive hunt called Finesmith Murder Mystery to support  ASPCA.  The starting location is the main Finesmith store and you hunt for clues to the next prizes and possible killers.  As you eliminate one possible killer after another, you claim gifts for $10L each and can shop for exclusive items.  The Finesmith Murder Mystery hunt runs from December 1-8, 2013, hurry up and grab your trench coat as you play private eye on the bloody case of who killed socialite WrenNoir Cerise!

G Sloane Heck the Halls Green Gown

  • Gown: G Sloan, Deck the Halls
  • Fireplace & Bookcase Display: Dench Designs, POE Gift


Tres Beau, The News Mini Dress

  • Mini Dress: Tres Beau, “The News” (with a ruffled skirt & top option)
  • Tree & Gifts: Dench Designs, POE Gift


Liv Glam, Crazy He Calls Me

  • Outfit: [LG]Boutique-[ FALL-13] Crazy He Calls Me Hud 1
  • Building Shell & Holiday Decor: Dench Designs, POE Gift


K Collection, Busy For Me Dress

  • Outfit: LG K Collection Busy (for me) Coat DressSP
  • Holiday Display: Dench Designs, POE Gift


Purple Moon, Agatha Jacket

  • Jacket: Purple Moon, Agatha Peplum Jacket in Black
  • Holiday Chair: Dench Designs, POE Gift


Miss Darcy Purple Snowflake Dress

  • Dress: Miss Darcy, Purple Snowflake Dress
  • Rug & Fireplace: Dench Designs, POE Gift


Poet's Heart, Wrench Costume

  • Costume: Poet’s Heart, Lil Wench (with pitchfork & basket)


This was just a slice of the hunt items available at the Finesmith Murder Mystery event.  Other gift items include a bikini (with Lola & Phat Azz appliers), Slink Nails, poses, make-up & of course jewelry!  Hop over, enjoy the clever clues and purchase exclusive items all to support the ASPCA!

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