Fifty Linden Friday | Shoes, shoes & more

Happy Friday!  Today is Black Friday and while you are hopping around the grid to pick up the bargains, don’t forget to grab these 50L sale items before they are gone tonight at 11:59 pm SLT!


50L_Kirin_Maylee Pose Pack

50L_Balaclava_Snowflake Mobile (Home Decor)

50L_Digs_Joy Bottles & Cookies

50L_glow-Studio_Slink Shoes- Slippers

50L_Ingenue_Slink Shoes- Ballet Flats

50L_Ane_Slink Shoes- Arena Sandals

50L_Adore-Abhor_Shoes & Dragon Lipstick

50L_Schadenfreude_Plaid Rose Hair Acc & Vest

50L_tram_Bowler Hat

50L_Wasabi-Pills_Robin Pink & Purple Hair

DECO_ Climbing Hook

► Kirin (Maylee Pose Pack)
► BALACLAVA (Holiday Home Decor: Snowflake Mobile)
► DIGS (Holiday Home Decor: Joy Bottles & Cookies)
► Glow Studios (Female Accessories: Slink Shoes, Slippers)
► Ingenue (Female Accessories: Slink Shoes, Ballet Flats)
► ANE (Female Accessories: Slink Shoes, Sandals)
► Adore & Abhor (Female Accessories: Dragon Lips & Rose Pumps)
► Schadenfreude (Female Accessories: Plaid Rose Hair Barrette & Unisex Vest)
► tram (Female Accessories: Bowler Color Change Hat)
► Wasabi Pills (Female Accessories: Robin Pink & Purple Hair)
► DECO (Other: Climbing Hook)

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