50L Friday | Belleza Skin

Happy Friday!  One week away from Black Friday and a few days and counting till Turkey Day in America! Whoot hoot! This 50L Friday offers Belleza skin, home decor, toys, poses and Steampunk items.  Enjoy!


Belleza_Molly Skin

Boom_Low Back Dress



Plastik_Skin & Outfit

bang_Cube Pose Box

Sanctuaire_Winter Stool

MishMish_PomPom Desk

Floorplan_Star Marquee


ADD-Andel_Garden Shed

SilentSparrow_Plushie Toy

7 Emporium- Poster

7 Emporium- Time Machine

► Belleza (Female Accessories: Molly Skin)
► BOOM (Female Fashion: Drape Back Dress)
► Valentina E (Female Fashion: Military Dress)
► Luxuria (Female Fashion: Lingerie)
► the Plastik (Female Accessories & Fashion: Skin & Outfit)
► !Bang Poses (Cube Poses)
► Sanctuaire (Home Decor: Holiday Stools)
► Mishmash (Home Decor: Pompom Desk)
► floorplan (Home Decor: Star Marquee)
► Meshworx (Home Decor: Solaris Lamp)
► ADD Andel (Home Decor: Garden Shed)
► Silent Sparrow (Toys: Plushie Teddy)
► Seven Emporium (Steampunk: Time Travel Machine teleporter & Poster)

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