The Trouble With Retiring is You Don’t Ever Get a Day Off ~ Abe Lemons

2Lei fab fashion auction to benefit “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women” is amazing collaborative effort that needs your support. Take a few minutes to stop by the Salimar sim and bid high and generously on exclusive items from 30 designers. Final auction fashion show on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 2:30pm SLT.

an chailín álainn


Everyone wants a last hoorah, right? Some of you might remember I blogged over the summer the winds they are a changing and vowed to blog less, Second Life even less? Well, these last few weeks it settled in my soul, it is time. Please, don’t ever think this a “someone did something to some else and it caused a ton of drama,” this isn’t the case. I am just tired; I actually retired from modeling in 2012 after Miss Virtual World. But, as things have it, I get involved in “causes” and then “friends” and then some other this or that, so here I am fingers still working it two years later. So Saturday November 23rd at 2:30PM SLT, I am officially retired. I want to simply blog, not daily, just every once in a while, when I think I have something worth saying. And I would never…

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