Liv Glam Halloween Hunt

Liv Glam kicked off a Halloween Hunt at their Glam Resort sim last Sunday, October 27, 2013.  There are 61 black pumpkins hidden around the sim and in a few stores, costing $5L each.  Below is a gift preview.  I will style some of the looks and blog a little later on this hunt which is excepted to last mid November.  Happy Hunting!

LIVGLAM & Friends - Halloween HUNT 2013-Offcial Poster


Liv-Glam, KCollection & Glam Resort Boutique Designers
❦1st Annual Glam Resorts – Halloween Hunt ❦

Starts: Sunday, 27th October 2013.

Hunt Object: Black Pumpkin
Price: L$ 5


Items created exclusively by Samanthassjones & Kim Lysette featuring LivGlam, KCollection and the Glam Resort Boutique Designers our talented designers showed great products to suit you with quality and have fun out there.


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