Yo Ho! Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me!

Bloody and sacred but still fighting for her bounty Gloria wears Alice Project Halloween Massacre Special 10/26 – Kumi in Bloody Blonde.  The special blood soaked hair collection is free to all, each day with a new hair style until Halloween, October 31, 2013.  Worth checking out and adding to your wardrobe.  Taxi please…

Kumi 10:26:13 Hair, Pirate costume

  • Hair: Alice Project, Halloween Massacre Special Bloody Kumi in Blonde (10/26)
  • Costume: Kastle Rock, Jinger Cove Mini
  • Skin: Asteria Creations, Vampire Dark
  • Blood Layers: Ruby, Blood Legs Tattoo ($0L on marketplace)
  • Bloody Hands Tattoo: MaSoul Designs ($10L on marketplace)
  • Sword: AleyMart!, Pirate Cutlass ($0L on marketplace)
  • Hook Hand: Angel of Souls, Pirate Hand Hook ($10L on marketplace)

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