Don’t mess with a Texas Cheerleader!

Day 3, Gloria was inspired by the real life early 1990’s Texas murder of a cheerleader by a rival pom-pom Mom.  Sporting the Delirium blood soaked hair from the Alice Project Halloween Massacre, available for free today, Sunday, October 27, 2013.  Taxi please…

Delirium 10:27:13 Hair, Cheerleader, close-up Delirium 10:27:13 Hair, Cheerleader

  • Hair: Alice Project, Halloween Massacre Special Bloody Delirium in Blonde (10/27)
  • Costume: Sushi Train, Glee Cheerleader Set ($0L on marketplace)
  • Skin: VIPs Corner, Elizabeth Zombie Girl (PumpkinTown2013 hunt gift, free)
  • Blood Layers: Ruby, Blood Legs Tattoo ($0L on marketplace)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Town of Halloween ($0L on marketplace)

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