Last 50L Friday of October

Last 50L Friday of October with sale items ranging from home decor, couple poses, female fall fashion and Belleza skin.  All FLF items are good until 11:59 pm SLT tonight.

Belleza Oakley Skin & Boom Cream Sweater

  • Belleza Oakley Skin & Boom Cream Sweater


Belleza Skin

Valentina E (Gowns, Candy edition)

Luxuria (Dotty Lingerie)

The Plastik (skin & outfit)

Boom (Wht Sweater & Brown Pants)

!bang Pose (Couple poses)

Floorplan (Bird Cage Bookends)

Mishmash (Spool Stool)


Sanctuaire (Fox Swing)

Seven Emporium

ADD -Covered Bridge

Silent Sparrow (Halloween Toys)

► Belleza (Female Skin: Oakley Skin)
► Valentina E (Female Gown: Candy Edition)
► Luxuria (Female Fashion: Dotty Lingerie)
► the Plastik (Female Fashion & Skin: Goth Skin & Outfit)
► BOOM (Female Fashion: Cream Sweater & Brown Pants)
► !Bang Poses (Poses: Couple Poses)
► floorplan (Home Decor: Bird Cage Bookends)
► Mishmash (Home Decor: Spool Stool)
► Mudhoney (Home Decor: Rain Chain)
► Sanctuaire (Home Decor: Fox Swing)
► Seven Emporium (Home Decor: Word Times)
► ADD Andel (Home/Landscaping: Covered Bridge)
► Silent Sparrow (Halloween Decor: Stuff animals)

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