Fifty Linden Friday: Halloween & Fall Decor

Halloween is fast approaching and if you are just started to decor your SL place (like I am), FLF offers a fun items that could transition into Harvest decor.  All items are on sale for 50L today, Friday, October 18, 2013 until 11:59pm SLT, check it out!


Pure Poison_Spider Jewelry Set

Half Deer_Halloween Necklace

vespertine_Halloween Decor What Next_Fall Lawn Chairs LISP Bazaar_EaselsLISP Bazaar_Paint Me A Picture SetZigana_Fall Poufs

Teawood_Plum Display Home Decor

Noodles_Coffee MugsCommoner Home Decor

tulip_V-Neck Sweater Blank Line Male:Female Cardi

► Pure Poison (Female Fashion: Halloween Jewelry Set)
► Half Deer (Halloween Decor/Costume: Necklace)
► vespertine (Halloween Home Decor: Spooky Fence & Vase Full of Halloween Leaves)
► What Next (Home Decor: Autumn Lawn Chairs)
► LISP Bazaar (Home Decor: Artist Easel & Paint Me A Picture Set)
► Zigana (Home Decor: Autumn Pouffe)
► Teawood (Autumn Home Decor: Plums Display)
► Noodles (Home Decor: Coffee Mugs)
► Commoner (Home Decor: Conversation Questions)
► tulip. (Female Fashion: Autumn V-Neck Sweater)
► Blank Line (Female/Male Fashion: Cardigan with Shirt)


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