Keith Haring inspired fashion @ TDR

keith-haring-1978-1982-exhibition-brooklyn-museum-13-620x413When designer, Barbra Kungler of Kunglers created the TDRF dress #23, did she see a tribute to muralist Keith Haring, or was she channelling a tribal vibe?  Who knows?  Maybe it’s my art background, but the black and white geometric print rushes through the TDRF #23 dress like the quick staccato brush strokes of Haring murals.  Keith Haring was the darling of the New York City art world of the 1980’s, often using graffiti and street art to publicly express political and social commentary on birth, death, AIDS and war.  Haring is recognized for the visual language of the 20th century and created public art works conveying social messages.  I would compare Haring to the current trendy and popular underground artist, Banksy.

I paired the Kunglers TDRF #23 Dress (black & white) with A&Ana F.J. Only Triangle Gold  Jewelry (also available at The Dressing Room until Thursday, October 10, 2013).  I wanted to highlight the segmented “V” throughout the dress and jewelry, creating movement and action within each triangle, resembling a comic book print.

Kungler Black & White geo print dress & geo jewelry

  • Dress: Kunglers, TDRF #23
  • Jewelry: A&Ana F.J., Only Triangle Gold
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Med #2 (past C88 item)
  • Hair: Truth, Tymber
  • Pose: Kirin, Autumn Breeze #1 (past The Season Story item)
  • Location: New York City

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