Fashion’s Story Fair & Secret Rooms

FashionStory-fair-LOGOFashion’s Story Fair is a complete journey through the history of fashion.  The fair features exclusive designs inspired by fashions trends of the1920s to 1990s. Today, Sunday, October 6, 2013 is the last day of the fair but before it’s gone head over to check out the decades of fashion and hunt for fashion magazines that contain clues to the LM for the secret room filled with 5L items.

The fair is broken into 4 areas each representing two different decades: 1920-30’s, 1940-50’s, 1960-70’s, & 1980-90’s.  Since, I found the secret room and purchased a few items, I too wanted to showcase different decades of fashion. This is a must for any fashionista.

1920 – 1930’s Giulia Design, Nuria Dress & Hat  

1920's Giulia Design, Nuria Dress

1940 – 1950’s cStar, Vintage Navy Dress

1940-50's cStar Navy Sailor Dress

1960 – 1970’s Liv Glam, Spanish Wine

Liv Glam Spanish Wine 1960-70's

1980 – 1990’s K Collection, Who’s That Girl 

K Collection, Who's That Girl

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