Fifty Linden Friday of October

50L Friday Logo

First Fifty Linden Friday of October is filled with poses, jewelry, hair, skin, home decor and Halloween specials.  Don’t forget the 50L reduced price is only available today, Friday, October 4, 2013 until 11:59pm slt.


kirin Pose Set oOo-Studio Jewelry Set essences Skin & Bracelet Wasabi Pills Pink & Lavender Hair Glow Studios Necklace & Jewelry Set Ingenue Slink Heels Schadenfreude Wodden Jewelry Set & Vest balaclava Feather Necklace

Pilot LampsArt Dummy Office Chairs DIGS Panel Closet DoorsPOST Burial Plot Adore Abhor Halloween Dolls ANE Goggles

► Kirin (Pose Set)
► oOo Studio (Jewelry Pose Set)
► Essences (Skin & Bracelet)
► Wasabi Pills (Hair)
► Glow Studios (Jewelry)
► Ingenue (Slink Heels)
► Schadenfreude (Jewelry & Harry Potter Vest)
► BALACLAVA (Feather Necklace)
► Pilot (Desk Lamps)
 Art Dummy (Office Chairs)
► DIGS (Panel Closet Doors)
► POST (Halloween Burial Plot, home decor)
► Adore & Abhor (Halloween Dolls)
► ANE (Halloween Costume, Goggles)

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