Lazy Sunday September Offerings

Sorry I’ve been a little under the weather lately and I’m late again on the Lazy Sunday list. Run over and grab these deals available until 11:59pm slt tonight.


Coquet Black Dress ECRU Grace Dress NiNight Creations Sweater Dress & Tee OhLaLa Bra & skirt Iren Hair Ma-Vie Wool Scarf Ma Vie 10 pack pose set EMBODY Pose with broom Holli Pocket Orange Corset la petite morte CorsetPlastik Moon Crystal NecklaceEllabella Piercing Razorblade Jacket Men Dirty Jean shorts Beach Street Fall Sign

► Coquet (Black Dress)
► E C R U (Grace Maxi Dress)
► NiNight Creations (Taupe Sweater Dress & T-shirt)
► OhLaLa Fashion Boutique (Pink Bra & skirt)
::::IrEn:::: (Hair)
► Sweet Leonard (Wool Scarf)
► Ma Vie (10 pack Pose set)
► Embody (Poses with broom)
Holli Pocket (Orange corset)
 la petite morte (Corset without bra)
The Plastik (Moon Crystal Necklace)
ellabella (Face Piercing)
► Razor (Men’s Dirty Jean Shorts)
► beach street (Fall/Harvest, Home decor)

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